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Surrounded by tall standing hardwoods and interspersed with luscious green rolling park areas, Belmont, North Carolina is a beautiful small city, one which can credit that beauty (at least in part) to bi-monthly meetings of the Belmont Environmental Sustainability Board. However, Belmont’s wooded surroundings, lakes, and park areas often inspire Belmont property owners to take greater pride in their own gardens and landscapes.

At MetroGreenscapes, we help Belmont homeowners beautify and add more functionalism to their yard and garden through landscaping and feature installations such as fire pits, custom ponds and pool areas.

Our philosophy is simple. A beautiful garden isn’t just about what you plant, or how well you maintain your lawn. A beautiful garden is about creating an extra living space which is used and enjoyed by you and your family throughout the year.

Custom hardscape and landscape in Belmont NC

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We design and build around your hopes, dreams and desires for your family, providing you with turnkey solutions so that you can surround yourself with a lush, healthy outdoor space without investing any of your own time.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

From simple fertilization to pruning, mulching and aeration, keeping your garden in pristine condition can take time which many people simply can’t afford to spare.

Thankfully, at MetroGreenscape, we provide comprehensive lawn and landscape maintenance services. While consulting with you to discuss any problems and/or day to day irrigation requirements, we’ll otherwise leave you free to enjoy your garden whilst we take care of everything else.

If you’re a Belmont, NC resident, don’t wait to realize the landscaping dreams you have always wanted but simply never seem to have the time for. Professional landscaping services alone can increase the value of Belmont properties by tens of thousands of dollars. Call (704) 486-5095 or contact MetroGreenscape today and lets work together to create the outdoor living space you have always dreamed of.

Belmont Landscaping

Have you just moved into a new property and are not quite sure how to turn your landscaping dreams into a reality?

From identifying the best outdoor lighting and irrigation systems to facilitating installation of bespoke outdoor kitchen areas, we can help you transform the area around your home into a visual masterpiece complete with year-round functionality.

To start, we’ll work with you to discover what features you would ideally like to have in your garden. Our designers will then draw up a comprehensive landscaping plan which will take into account everything from landscape grading to yard drainage and lawn irrigation.

Outdoor Lighting

Belmont is a community known for having gorgeous homes that sit on acres of land, but whether your home is on a large space or a small space, our outdoor lighting services can extend the amount of time you enjoy outside in the mornings and evenings.

Whether you have a custom hardscape you’re trying to show off or acres of land you want to showcase with ambient light, our team of outdoor lighting contractors will make it happen. Get in touch with us for more information on our options, including path lights, wall lights, and in-ground lights that can show off your landscape.

Hardscape & Outdoor Living

Nestled in the southern Piedmont region of North Carolina, residents of Belmont find themselves surrounded by natural beauty. What better way to enjoy that natural beauty than to have an outdoor living space that’s tailored to your lifestyle and your Belmont property? MetroGreenscape’s outdoor services offer hardscape design that meets your unique needs, wants and desires.

Our designers will work with you to discuss your dreams for the space, such as a full outdoor kitchen or a custom retaining wall that can show off a wider variety of plants and landscaping. Once the design is finished, our professional hardscape contractors will bring your design to life. From a custom fire pit to a fully customized patio, we build customized outdoor living spaces people love to enjoy. We can also add a seating wall or other features to increase the seating in your new outdoor space.

Creating the perfect customized outdoor area to accompany your home is something we strive for. This could be a custom patio, outdoor seating area, or complete kitchen. No matter what, we can create the ideal space for you and your family.

Custom Built Swimming Pools and Ponds

Garden pools and ponds are one of the most sought after features which you can add to your garden. Our custom swimming pools especially help enhance the sociability and visual appeal of your outdoor space, as well as enhance the ‘staycation’ value of your property. However, pools and water features have to be done right.

At MetroGreenscape, we design and install visually appealing swimming pools and ponds by assessing where such features will be best situated. In like manner, we always pay special attention to all locally required permits, inspections and water and plumbing requirements.

Combining all of our services to create the ideal outdoor area for your home means having access to the finest materials and levels of craftsmanship you expect from getting the very best for your home.

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Landscaping Services in Belmont

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We offer regular Charlotte landscaping care and lawn maintenance for residential homeowners. Our expert landscapers can provide weekly lawn mowing and trimming, seasonal coloring, fertilization and seeding, pruning, mulching, flower care, leaf removal and much more.

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Get award-winning landscape design and installation services in Charlotte, NC. Schedule your consultation with our landscape designers to learn more about types of grass, plants, shrubs, and trees as well as drainage and outdoor lighting systems for your home.

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We provide custom hardscape design, specializing in outdoor living project planning and management for a unique backyard. We can design and build patios, custom outdoor kitchens, fire pits, seating, or outdoor living areas to perfectly suit your Charlotte home.​

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Keep landscapes looking and feeling lush with our supplementary irrigation services in Charlotte, NC. When you sign up for construction or maintenance services with MetroGreenscape, our professionals can offer services to equip you with a state-of-the-art sprinkler system.

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Our yard drainage services in Charlotte, NC will protect your lawn from water erosion and unsightly water puddles. From french drains to catch basins to erosion solutions, our professionals will design the right yard drainage solutions that blend with the natural aesthetic of your lawn.

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With outdoor lighting for your home, yard, and patio, go from daytime play to nighttime relaxation. Our team of landscape contractors designs and installs reliable, low-maintenance outdoor lighting in Charlotte-area homes.

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