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Project Name: Levels of Paradise
Project Cost: $325,000 - $350,000
Project Category: Everything Luxury & Pools

Levels of Paradise

Description of project: This project was a lot of fun and consisted of building a great porch that was added in order to make the customers kitchen feel much larger. This space truly feels like an extension of the home. The project also incorporates beautiful Travertine that makes you feel like you are in Greece. Lastly the formal fire pit and seat wall gives 10-12 guest a great place to gather around with friends and family.

What were biggest challenges: The largest challenge with this project was with the HOA.

Things we learned: We learned that drainage is key to all projects. When you add this much square footage of hard surface you have a cause an effect. We were able to overcome this challenge by installing some dry wells but it was indeed a challenge. We also had an incident where the mulch caught on fire due to the light having some mulch residue on top of this and the previous lighting company tacking the main wire to the floor joist. What we learned is to communicate well, own your problems and to treat people like you would want to be treated in this circumstance.

Area of Town: South Charlotte/ Audrey Kell

Testimonials: This customer has refereed us to 7 co-workers all spending over 100k with our company. He also hired us to maintain his lawn and landscape, could not be a better client/vendor relationship.