Candice Bún

Human Resources Coordinator

Candice Bún

Where are you from: San Francisco Bay Area, California

Enjoys/Hobbies: Broadway shows/music, singing at church, spending time with my husband and toddler son, cooking Mexican food.

Favorite Movie: You’ve Got Mail

Favorite sports team: Oakland Athletics & San Francisco Giants

Community Involvement: Volunteer Young Adult leader in our church. I’ve taken over a dozen Mission trips and can’t wait for more!

Why do you enjoy working at MGS: I feel valued and the work environment is so positive!

Why MGS: I love the focus on Core Values & Mission. The people here care about impacting people and changing lives, and that’s what I want to do.

Industry Experience: I previously developed a Human Resources department for a growing catering company in San Francisco and am excited to learn more about this industry.