Marelyn Garcia

HR Coordinator

Industry Experience: I’ve been in HR/Recruitment since 2012, for various roles including manufacturing, light industrial, janitorial, facilities management, and landscaping.

Why do you enjoy working at MGS: I enjoy working at MGS because I believe in the mission and core values that the company upholds.

Why MGS: My why directly relates to why enjoy working here. It’s encouraging to do work with a bigger purpose. I have always wanted to find a career that will help others, at MGS it’s all about what we can do to serve others.

Community Involvement:  Prior to coming to MGS, I worked with Metro Real Estate, MGS’ sister company. I had a chance to work with Homeowners who lost their homes and all their lifelong possessions due to flooding caused by Hurricane Florence. The devastation was saddening, but the New Bern community’s resilience and faith was so encouraging and impactful, those memories will stay with me forever.

Where are you from: I am from New York City.

What do you enjoy (hobbies): I enjoy dancing and listening to music. I also enjoy cooking.

What is your favorite movie: My favorite movie is Finding Nemo and The Never-Ending Story.

What is your favorite sports team: NY Yankees, NY Giants

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