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Outdoor Lighting in Charlotte NC

Adding outdoor landscape lighting is a great way to showcase specific areas of your home once the sun goes down. Whether that means illuminating an entire landscaping project or showing off your custom hardscape and patio, we want to help your guests see your home. 

As we head into the sweet spot of the outdoor entertaining season, we’d love to give you an opportunity to make your yard, hardscape, and home shine even brighter.

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Our latest LED products offer better reliability, less maintenance, more styles and greater installation flexibility. When combined with professional installation and commercial quality products, you will have outdoor lighting options you know will last for many years.

Whether you’ve been thinking about adding new landscape lighting to your existing outdoor areas, looking to expand an existing system, or ready to replace older technology, now is the perfect time!

We offer a variety of lighting options including in-ground lights, spotlights, path lights, wall lights, down lights, pond lights, strip lights. Contact us for more information on outdoor and landscape lighting in Charlotte, NC.

Work [landscaping design, retaining wall, lighting, walkway, retention wall repair, grading and planting] done in a very professional manner. Pleased with design and scope of work. Workers were all very courteous. Follow up was completed appropriately. Would recommend MetroGreenscape for your next landscaping needs.
Steve & Martha Park
Lake Wylie, South Carolina
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Landscape lighting in Charlotte makes your space usable at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED lights suitable for outdoor use?

Yes! LED lights are not only suitable for outdoor use, they’re often recommended because they are tough, energy efficient, and have a long lifespan that decreases maintenance and replacement needs. At MetroGreenscape, we use a variety of LED bulbs for outdoor lighting in Charlotte. Depending on how you want to use your space, we can provide bright options that improve safety or softer lights that enhance your landscaping and create a beautiful atmosphere that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy year-round.

What is dusk-to-dawn outdoor lighting?

Dusk-to-dawn outdoor lighting is exterior lighting that’s controlled automatically, so you don’t need to turn them on and off every morning and evening. Many Charlotte homeowners use dusk-to-dawn lighting to improve safety in their homes. Our skilled outdoor lighting technicians can install these lights for your home and surrounding areas to illuminate walkways, driveways, landscaping, and yards based on your preferences. We can also program the lights’ schedule to fit the hours you would prefer to have the lights on, creating a custom timetable that aligns with your lifestyle.

Where should you place landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting is typically placed in strategic areas throughout your outdoor space, with six to ten feet between lights. In most cases, the lights will highlight features such as sculptures, retaining walls, or plants that improve your space’s aesthetic value and make it more enjoyable. MetroGreenscape can help you review your current outdoor landscaping or create a new landscape design that includes lighting that brings every beautiful feature to life.

Who makes the best landscape lighting?

There is a wide range of companies that make landscape lighting across the country and in Charlotte, NC. The best landscaping lighting for your space will vary based on your home, landscape design, and how you dream of using the area. MetroGreenscape’s outdoor lighting experts can provide recommendations and help you select not only the company who creates the lighting materials, but also the temperature, brightness, and lighting features that will create the space you want. We’ll help you find the lighting that makes your dream a reality, transforming your outdoor space into an area you can enjoy through the evening and during Charlotte’s beautiful summer nights.

How should you wire landscape lighting?

Wiring and electrical needs should be handled by a professional. Wiring for landscape lighting should be done with wires that fit outdoor use, including being waterproof and connected in ways that are safe for your home. If you have questions about landscape lighting wiring or want to install landscape lighting in your home, contact MetroGreenscape. We can provide the installation expertise you need to create a safe and beautiful space.

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