The Grill N Chill

Project Overview

This client started with your everyday backyard. The space had a basic deck that was small, simple, and lacking imagination. The client’s exact words during the first site meeting were, “Let’s blow it out”. Looking to really expand their outdoor experience and create a wonderful space for fun, freedom, and relaxation, the site was ripe with potential and good conditions. All that was needed to make this project special was hard work and some creative design.

Project Features

The objectives for this project included tearing down the existing deck, building a new covered deck, pergola, fire-pit, outdoor kitchen, and lower patio tying the newly constructed deck structure to the landscape below. New landscaping was to be included, with a new walkway connecting areas where the client could enjoy some shade under the new structures, but also be able to step out and enjoy the sunlight with ease.

Wood frame construction was used for the deck structure, but a new deck flooring product called Silka-Deck was used to install a travertine floor over the deck structure to blend the upper deck and the lower patio area together. A ply-board ceiling and natural stone columns were used to finish off the over deck structure. A wood frame arbor is used to define the entrance and exit onto the lower patio that ties the location of the outdoor kitchen, natural stone fire-pit, and lower pergola together. Both the structure and lower patio stand alone as unique and enjoyable spaces, but blended together give the client several entertaining options and flexibility to enjoy several different design features of the space depending on their mood and needs.

The client stated that the exterior work quality is high class and done with great attention to detail. The client felt it even surpassed there current indoor kitchen and living area and now prefer the outside space to the inside. They expressed sincere gratitude in fulfilling their dreams, wants, and goals of creating their own unique outdoor escape.

Project Location
Charlotte, NC

Project Budget Range


Year Completed

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