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Custom Outdoor Firepit

Do you want to create an outdoor space in your backyard, your way, with custom items or additions, attributing to its beauty? When working with our Custom Division, we can provide you with items you will not find on a shelf or in a catalog. We will custom design and build every aspect of your backyard and landscaping to make it a head turning installation whether it is a built in kitchen, a fire pit, or even a patio area unique to your home. Our team will ensure you've got exactly what you want while seamlessly integrating it into your existing landscape.

A beautiful stone or brick patio can add a lot of life to your property and really finish off your outdoor living area. Outdoor brick or stone patios can act as extra square footage as well as play host to a wide range of entertainment, dining opportunities, recreational activities, and more.

A custom stone or brick patio can not only add value to your home but they work very well at diverging water from other elements of your property. With our top-quality construction and design experience you will get the a high quality brick or stone patio installation.

If you are in the market for adding a seating wall, retaining walls, or garden walls you should consider working with our team. We provide the design and construction of retaining walls including updates to existing retaining walls.

Whether you have a large or small project in mind we can provide assistance with updates to your existing wall or construction of a new wall. A well-designed and constructed retaining wall can hold back rocks or soil and protect your entire landscape from runoff and erosion. Our team can provide assistance with using a variety of materials to create a functional and beautiful retaining wall for your property. We have options to suit your budget and your style preference.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Our Custom Division is for discerning clients who have their own unique style, and want this reflected in their outdoor space. While we will start with our existing designs and layouts so you understand what we are capable of, the ultimate design will allow your creativity to drive every aspect and the materials.

Our stone masonry services can provide you with a comfortable area for outdoor cooking or entertaining. We have a wide range of outdoor fireplace solutions including support for pizza ovens, community fireplaces and outdoor patio installations. We can incorporate a fireplace or fire pit design into your current property and use a range of custom building materials to help you get the most out of the installation as a whole.

Custom Firepit

This team works within the products lines of our entire company, so we can easily "customize" fireplaces and firepits, outdoor kitchens, patios, retaining and seat walls, and more.

Our outdoor fireplaces and fireplace installations can be constructedd using a wide range of custom materials and to suit any style or concept you may have in mind. We can construct large-scale fireplaces and outdoor fire pit that could be used for cooking, entertainment and just for heat.