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Everything Custom

Custom Outdoor Firepit

Do you want to create an outdoor space in your backyard, your way, with custom items or additions, attributing to its beauty? When working with our Custom Division, we can provide you with items you will not find on a shelf or in a catalog. We will custom design and build every aspect of your backyard and landscaping to make it a head turning installation whether it is a built in kitchen, a fire pit, or even a patio area unique to your home. Our team will ensure you've got exactly what you want while seamlessly integrating it into your existing landscape.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Our Custom Division is for discerning clients who have their own unique style, and want this reflected in their outdoor space. While we will start with our existing designs and layouts so you understand what we are capable of, the ultimate design will allow your creativity to drive every aspect and the materials.

Custom Firepit

This team works within the products lines of our entire company, so we can easily "customize" fireplaces and firepits, outdoor kitchens, patios, retaining and seat walls, and more.