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lawn maintenance

If you've got a yard, you know the regular maintenance work can be overwhelming at times. Whether that means weekly mowing or yearly fertilizing and pruning, we are here to help. At Metro Greenscape, we will provide you with an annual lawn maintenance plan. You’ll get our years of experience combating lawn disease and insect control along with a complete grounds maintenance service. These could be especially difficult if you've had a complex landscaping project recently completed or we have installed a custom project with maintenance needs.

*Weekly lawn mowing is available with annual contracts only

We have two primary packages for our maintenance program:


  • Seasonal color
  • Irrigation management
  • Lighting management
  • Monthly audits
  • Turf services (fertilization / fungus treatments,weed control)
  • Pruning
  • Weekly maintenance
  • Mulch/needles
  • Plant health


  • Weekly maintenance
  • Monthly audits
  • Turf fertilization/weed control
  • Pruning
  • Leaf removal
  • Aerating/seed
  • Mulch/pine needles

Plant Healthcare

lawn maintenance

Here at Metro Greenscape, we monitor your plants throughout the season to maintain the health and vigor of your landscaping.

Also included in our plant healthcare maintenance package is:

  • Plant fertilization to improve root growth and bloom color
  • Seasonal insect/disease monitoring and treatments
  • We use integrated pest management throughout the season
  • Make recommendations and/or adjust watering practices to avoid damaging plant health

Turf Programs-Cool/Warm

lawn maintenance

We have a variety of Organic and Chemical programs designed to meet the individual needs of your property.

Both cool and warm season programs are designed to enhance the soil structure, and produce a dense, healthy, root system for overall sustainability. From our staff, you will have access to years of seasoned knowledge in the turf industry to assist in having the best lawn in town.

Outdoor Lighting

lawn maintenance

Outdoor lighting enhances the overall appearance and value of your home.

LED lighting is the sustainable lighting of the future. At Metro Greenscape we can design, install, and maintain outdoor lighting systems.


lawn maintenance

Our seasonal services are designed to enhance your property: mulching, pine needles, winter/summer pruning, annual planting, spring cleanup, and fall leaf removal are just a few of our options to choose from in creating your custom or luxury maintenance package. With our custom packages you will be able to choose what services are most important to you in capturing that perfect landscape.


irrigation system maintenance

We will monitor your system throughout the season.

During the colder months, your irrigation system is susceptible to damage and freezing. We offer irrigation winterization services to keep your system protected throughout the winter. Once spring comes along, we will check and startup your system and shut it off before winter rolls around again.

Weekly Maintenance Services

What sets Metro Greenscape apart from our maintenance competitors is that we care about your property by providing the best products available to meet your budget, while communicating unforeseen needs and upcoming issues through superior communication.