Project Manager

Huitt Newton

Industry Experience:

10 Years Managing Commercial and Residential Landscape and Hardscape construction projects ranging from $1000-$2 million.

Why do you enjoy working at MGS:

Great work and home balance with a great support staff.

Why MGS:

Awesome team with a very involved owner. MGS gives me the freedom to perform my job and puts me in the best position that fits my skill set and expertise. MGS also respects my opinions and values my experience in the industry

Community Involvement:

Registered and active volunteer with CMS Schools

Where are you from:

Concord, NC – Recently relocated to Rock Hill, SC

What do you enjoy (hobbies):

Spending time with my family, touring on my Harley Davidson, Target Shooting and Hunting, did I mention spending time with my family? (easily my favorite activity)

What is your favorite movie:

Blues Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, anything in the Marvel and DC Universe, Borat

What is your favorite sports team:

Charlotte 49ers and Carolina Panthers