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Landscape Design in Indian Trail, NC

I was really impressed with your presentation this am, and the progression of your young company. I will be on vacation next week, but look forward to meeting with you upon return for a 1 on 1.

Landscaping / Pool in Gastonia, NC

When we purchased our home, we knew that we would have to undertake a large backyard/pool renovation project. Going into the initial meeting phase of working with a company, MetroGreenscape really shined through. They shared our same vision and worked within a budget. The difficult access to the backyard/pool did not deter their efforts. It was a project that took longer than usual, but the responsible and thorough manner with which they delivered a final product was executed beautifully. All our neighbors are amazed at the transformation of our backyard living space. We are extremely pleased and look forward to being a great reference for them in the future.

Landscaping in Gastonia, NC

Thanks for your note (this is my first time on email as our office was turned into a guest room last week!). The guys did and awesome job! Also, MetroGreenscape went beyond my expectation by finishing the nice work before my company arrived. Thanks! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Lawn Maintenance in Gastonia, NC

I pray all is well with you and all of your concerns. Darin, I have a question for you, which has nothing to do with any outstanding matters. I have been meaning to ask you this ever since I heard you on WBT radio.. By the way, the program was quite interesting for the most part (i.e. I tuned out the sales pitches (smile), which I might add were expertly timed and delivered) and you were impressive with your presentations.

Darin, I would like to know if you ever visited our property after all work was defined as done? If you did visit the property, the included implications associated with this question are; were you 100% pleased, did you have any further suggestions for us with reference to maintenance and possibly future considerations? Again, having heard you on the radio, there was just a wealth of considerations and possibilities that never occurred to me. Of course, at this point selling this property is not a consideration so our perspective is not from that standpoint. You see, I really did listen to the program (smile), however, you covered some very interesting property scenarios. I look forward to receiving your response.

MetroGreenscape in Fort Mill, SC

I was very proud to hear a customer of Linder Industrial Machinery, Komatsu and myself on the radio making a sizable donation to the Make a Wish Foundation. This organization is the one of finest ran philanthropy in the US. Their high standards and morale fortitude continue to help them shine within each community. The Make a Wish foundations goal to help make a child and his family happy doesn’t always consist of sending them to Disney World. Which in itself is another fine company. Make a Wish may send a child with a life threatening disease to a football game, jet ride with the Air Force, or a much needed vacation with a friend. Whatever the wish, they try to make it happen. Sometime these little kids can have some lofty dreams and still Make a Wish tries to help everyone.

WFNZ am sports radio station was having an auction to raise money for this fine organization at the WFNZ Dog pound. Donations included, sporting event tickets, fine dining and Dale Jr. donated the Orange County Chopper that was made for him. Many local business owners donated money or time or both. It was nice to hear Darin Brockelbank of Metrogreenscape donating a, backyard experience. Not only is this a financial donation but also time and manpower.

I have always been proud to help Make a Wish Foundation and I am honored to have customer with such high character.

MetroGreenscape in Fort Mill, SC

I hope all is well. We actually had our landscaper do it for us. While we got the materials we wanted (Belgard) at a reasonable price and are satisfied, we certainly wished we had used you. I have recommended you to at least 8 people. He and his dad did it and it looks nice but you could’ve provided so much more experience on what would look good… no design services offered or visual pictorials. The project took way longer than they thought and went way over the price they quoted.

He hadn’t used Belgard before and didn’t have experience in pricing the job. So we had to pay a significant amount at the end and some of which he absorbed as well. But it all looks good. A friend of mine in the neighborhood, Carl Harrington, stopped by and asked who did mine and I told him to use you.

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