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MetroGreenscape in Fort Mill, SC

I hope all is well. We actually had our landscaper do it for us. While we got the materials we wanted (Belgard) at a reasonable price and are satisfied, we certainly wished we had used you. I have recommended you to at least 8 people. He and his dad did it and it looks nice but you could’ve provided so much more experience on what would look good… no design services offered or visual pictorials. The project took way longer than they thought and went way over the price they quoted.

He hadn’t used Belgard before and didn’t have experience in pricing the job. So we had to pay a significant amount at the end and some of which he absorbed as well. But it all looks good. A friend of mine in the neighborhood, Carl Harrington, stopped by and asked who did mine and I told him to use you.

Landscaping in Denver, NC

Everything looks great and you and your crew did a fantastic job and so appreciate that y’all do not subscribe to the Charlotte Great Crype Murder Massacre that happens here every year.

Landscape Design in Denver, NC

We recently purchased a new home. We knew when we purchased the home that we wanted to do some additional landscaping; to give the property our signature as opposed to the cookie cutter development applied by the construction company. As this first year in the new house draws to a close, we have made numerous appointments to have the builder come out to the house to address items that should have been installed correctly the first time (e.g. three visits to address a dishwasher that would not clean the dishes – because the water line had been crimped during installation). Anyone who has recently purchased a newly constructed home can attest to the hassles of making the appointment; being home to supervise the people that show up to address the problem; making another appointment to correct the items that these people just broke trying to fix the original problem. What a pain in the … well you know where.

With MetroGreenscape it was refreshingly different. First I met with Darin and laid out the plans the wife and I had for our property. He was able to offer suggestions and comments to help us fine tune our project. I used a lot of what we talked about when I met with other vendors so that it was clear what our expectations were. After an initial meeting I only heard back from MetroGreenscape and one other provider. When the economy sank, my wife and I decided to scale back on the schedule. Darin met with us again, even inviting us to come with him to Pavestone to select blocks and pavers for our project. The other company … they never bothered to return our phone calls or e mails.

Last week was the start of our project. It wasn’t the biggest job or probably the most important job the MetroGreenscape has ever performed. But they made us feel like it was. We were kept in the loop on how the project was progressing; and when a problem was encountered, they let us know and identified what needed to be done to correct the problem. We contacted our builder (the house is still under the 12 month warranty) and identified that there was a deficiency in some of the work the builder had performed. The builder responded to the job site, met with MetroGreenscape and promptly ignored the problem. But Darin and his team were able to lay out a plan to rectify the adverse condition, continue with the original project, completing everything within the original time schedule.

It was refreshing to come home in the evening and look at the job site. There was something missing though. The trash. The team from MetroGreenscape must have listened to their mothers growing up: They actually cleaned up after themselves. Every day. Without being asked or reminded.

The project is complete. It is beautiful. The neighbors are actually sneaking over to get a glimpse of the work that was done. It has transformed our yard from ho hum run of the mill, to something that says, We’re unique and different. We still have more that we want to do. I have no intention of soliciting additional outside bids. MetroGreenscape has performed this task beyond my expectations. I see no reason to go anywhere else.

MetroGreenscape in Denver, NC

Thank you so much, Darin…

I so appreciate you…your kind heart…your intelligence…your business savvy…your honesty…your beautiful family! Rare in this day, which is a very sad commentary!

Thanks for sending all this information…I will process it tonight when I can think about personal stuff…: ) Today I will be slammed, which is very good thing!

Hope you will be well enough to be in BNI on Thursday!

Estimate in Davidson, NC

Thanks Darin and I really appreciate your directness. Your presentation, your knowledge of the problem with a sound fix, the professionalism of both you and your office staff were all very impressive to me. My idea of what it would cost to repair the wall was shaped by what I watch on HGTV. And we all know TV is fake. Especially reality shows! But your estimate was not a shock to me. I expected it was going to be more than what I guessed. But that doesn’t mean I have limitations on what I can spend either. More than anything else I wanted the wall to be repaired using the same brick, because I like how it ties in with the driveway columns and the house. So it was a bit disappointing to hear that could be the most expensive approach and I need time to embrace that and warm up to a different approach. Right now I want to get a few more collection of ideas so that I know most of my options and don’t have regrets down the road. Again, I was pleased with the outcome of our meeting and I will follow up with you when I get to a decision point.

Landscaping and Patio in Davidson, NC

Thanks so much for the beautiful job done so far. I am so happy with the patio and the plantings in the front yard. Neighbors have been picking up your brochure, several have stopped when I was out in the yard taking pictures, and told me it looks so beautiful, etc. I am hoping you will get some calls in the near future from them.

I love it, love it, love it. We will be more than happy to give you references if you like. Joseph is awesome very impressed with his organizing it all. And the guy who laid the patio is unbelievable.

AND he did my step out of the screened porch exactly as I wanted it to look, and Joseph did the curve I wanted just perfect. You have really great guys working for you.

Katie did a perfect job as well, with understanding what look I was aiming for in the front yard. It’s so pretty, and I just smile everytime I go out the front door. She’s GOOD!

Thanks for everything Darin you’ve done a good job fulfilling all my wishes.

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