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Lawn Care in Charlotte, NC

While being a home owner in the Charlotte area, I know that I have a variety of companies to choose from when it comes to lawn care. Recently, I hired MetroGreenscape to place sod in my newly built backyard. Needless to say, I was extremely pleased with the results and their customer service. Darin and Heather run a top notch company. They met my budget, completed the job in a timely manner and went above and beyond to make sure I was pleased with the task at hand by stopping by for a house call.

One of the most endearing qualities about MetroGreenscape is their accessibility. Whether it’s Ledna, Heather, or Darin, there is always someone there to answer your questions or needs. In today’s world of business, personal communication means everything and MetroGreenscape understands that. That is why I highly recommend MetroGreenscape to be your lawn care provider. If you are like me and desire a lush green lawn, then there is only one lawn care company to get you started in the right direction and that is MetroGreenscape.

Lawn Maintenance in Charlotte, NC

We have been pleased with MetroGreenscape’s service thus far. They have done everything we have asked in keeping the lawn, deck, porch, and driveway tidy. As we only started with MetroGreenscape this spring, we have not been through a full year’s service yet. We have not been able to see the results of the weed killing, aerating, and seeding, but we are looking forward to having this done this fall. We appreciate that MetroGreenscape knows what is wrong with our lawn and works to fix the issues. MetroGreenscape has been very pleasant to work with and we appreciate them!

Landscaping in Charlotte, NC

Seth I want to tell you that I enjoyed speaking with you today, you were to the point and extremely professional. You really got my attention! I was compelled to call you back. I can only imagine that you are doing a Wonderful job. I know that you and I initially spoke on Friday, April 27 and I was interested in your services. At that time you were detailed, patient, and knowledgeable as you explained the services that you'll provide. You have made me realized that in life it's about doing things right and being a man/woman to your word. Thank you Seth. I know that you are a Great asset to the company you represent. Seth, Thank you for your valuable time. It was Awesome and also a lesson learned for me. Be Blessed Seth! Have a Great Day!

Landscape Design in Charlotte, NC

Darin Brockelbank with MetroGreenscape should be admired by all as a successful businessman. Only in his twenties, he already has built a multi-million dollar outdoor living and landscaping company. Talking with Darin is always an enjoyment for me because he is candid and (big shocker here) doesn't lie. Hard to find people like Darin anymore with such high morals. I'm honored to call Darin a colleague of mine and would highly recommend him to anyone in the greater Charlotte area with landscaping design needs.

Landscaping in Pineville, NC
Landscaping is an important part of what makes a nice house into a beautiful home. When you work with MetroGreenscape, you get professionals who really understand that. They helped us design and build the outdoor spaces our children will grow up in. From the yard they will play in to the trees they will climb and the patio where we will have our family cook-outs, together we have made our first house into a real home. Thank you to all the wonderful folks at MetroGreenscape.
Landscaping in Lancaster, SC
This is to thank you for the wonderful work performed at the front of our home on Hawks View Drive in Sun City. Many of us are necessarily blessed with unsightly, large, green electrical boxes and other amenities and some have made attempts at hiding them from passersby. Your plan to beautify our area resulted in the prettiest garden of its kind in Sun City. That is also the opinion of others who have viewed it. Our thanks for the hard work and thoughtful manner in which it was carried out.