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One of several iconic North Carolina lakeside towns, Davidson by Lake Norman is a small but spectacularly beautiful town which plays host each year to a variety of summer camps and local art festivals. However, many Davidson residents don’t just spend summer time unwinding in Davidson’s public park spaces. Rather, homeowners take pride in transforming their own gardens into beautiful recreational spaces.

Helping Davidson property owners turn their yards into vibrant and luxurious extra living spaces, MetroGreenscape is a Charlotte-based landscaping company who offer high-quality landscaping services all across North Carolina. Partnering with Davidson homeowners, we help people create iconic entertainment and recreational spaces, literally in their own back yard.

Custom hardscaping

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We design and build around your hopes, dreams and desires for your family, providing you with turnkey solutions so that you can surround yourself with a lush, healthy outdoor space without investing any of your own time.

Transform Your Davidson Home into an Outdoor Oasis

Davidson is home to 19 parks and greenways, which is a good indication of how much Davidson residents enjoy time spent outside. To make enjoying the great outdoors even easier, many Davidson homeowners choose to transform their front or back yards into beautiful outdoor living and recreational spaces. The right landscape and hardscape design makes it possible for you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors year-round without having to leave your home.

Hardscape companies like MetroGreenscape make this possible with the installation of a custom patio design, fire pit, retaining wall, outdoor kitchen and other hardscape features. Our designers work closely with you to create a hardscape plan that meets your needs and will create a space where you can relax or have friends and family over. Whatever your priorities are – those are our priorities as well. Once we’ve come up with the perfect outdoor living design for your space, our hardscape contractors will create an outdoor living space you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Custom Swimming Pools and Ponds

The sub tropical North Carolina climate makes swimming pools and water features a must for many homeowners. However, as well as just adding a huge entertainment factor to properties, pools and ponds can also add anywhere between 8% and 15% to overall property values. In this case, pools are a great way to invest in your property’s future appreciation.

The only problem with pools and ponds is that they have to be designed and installed in such a way so as to complement existing property designs. At MetroGreenscape, our designers help homeowners find the right pool designs for their properties while keeping the details in accordance with all locally required permits and water usage regulations.

Luxury Landscaping and Outdoor Living

Many Davidson homeowners want to landscape their gardens but simply don’t know how to turn their landscaping dreams into a reality. This being the case, at MetroGreenscape, our landscape architects offer consultancy services to Davidson homeowners.

Whether you are looking to site a pool or thinking about installing a luxury outdoor kitchen area, our on-site property inspections will help identify where and how features should be placed in order to showcase not just your garden but your property overall. We’ll advise you on what plants and in general floral designs will add year round color and atmosphere to your garden.

Davidson Landscaping

It’s no secret that a professionally landscaped yard can be difficult to maintain in the long term. Less verdant lawns, trees and plants being burdened by pests and diseases, breakdowns in outdoor lighting and irrigation systems, can come about simply through homeowners not having the time to tend and maintain their garden to the highest possible standard.

Thankfully, MetroGreenscape can help. Specializing in the provision of residential landscaping and lawn maintenance services, our horticultural and design experts oversee everything from mowing and irrigation system maintenance, to professional pest and plant disease control.

Based out of Charlotte, the professionals at MetroGreenscape are passionate about transforming gardens into visually spectacular and luxurious outdoor living spaces. Even better, landscaping itself can add tens of thousands of dollars to Davidson property values. If you’re thinking about landscaping the area around your home, call (704) 486-5095 or contact MetroGreenscape today in order to to discuss your own landscaping requirements in more detail.

Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces in Charlotte

Water features such as swimming pools and ponds are perfect for transforming landscapes around properties into family orientated recreational areas. Moreover, with Charlotte not having direct access to North Carolina’s lakes or the Catawba River, a water feature is the perfect way to add a certain ‘staycation’ quality to your outdoor living space.

At MetroGreenscape, our Charlotte outdoor living teams work with homeowners to not just develop luxuriously elegant pools, but also accompanying poolsides. All of our pools are designed in mind of all locally required permits and designed to add maximum extra market value to your property.

Excelling in providing luxurious, outdoor landscapes with a unique visual flare, our outdoor living designers are just as passionate about helping you realize your yard’s potential as you are. We are here to help if you’re thinking about landscaping or turning your yard into a “staycation” paradise.

Contact our Charlotte Outdoor Living, Lawn Care and Landscaping experts today to discuss your specific needs in more detail.

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Landscaping Services in Davidson

Everything Maintenance ›

We offer regular Charlotte landscaping care and lawn maintenance for residential homeowners. Our expert landscapers can provide weekly lawn mowing and trimming, seasonal coloring, fertilization and seeding, pruning, mulching, flower care, leaf removal and much more.

Everything Landscapes ›

Get award-winning landscape design and installation services in Charlotte, NC. Schedule your consultation with our landscape designers to learn more about types of grass, plants, shrubs, and trees as well as drainage and outdoor lighting systems for your home.

Everything Hardscapes ›

We provide custom hardscape design, specializing in outdoor living project planning and management for a unique backyard. We can design and build patios, custom outdoor kitchens, fire pits, seating, or outdoor living areas to perfectly suit your Charlotte home.​

Everything Irrigation ›

Keep landscapes looking and feeling lush with our supplementary irrigation services in Charlotte, NC. When you sign up for construction or maintenance services with MetroGreenscape, our professionals can offer services to equip you with a state-of-the-art sprinkler system.

Everything Drainage ›

Our yard drainage services in Charlotte, NC will protect your lawn from water erosion and unsightly water puddles. From french drains to catch basins to erosion solutions, our professionals will design the right yard drainage solutions that blend with the natural aesthetic of your lawn.

Everything Lighting ›

With outdoor lighting for your home, yard, and patio, go from daytime play to nighttime relaxation. Our team of landscape contractors designs and installs reliable, low-maintenance outdoor lighting in Charlotte-area homes.

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