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When potential clients visit your business, your lawn is your calling card. You want to make a good impression from the moment they roll onto your block, and that means vibrant, fresh-cut grass and well-tended plants. That’s where MetroGreenscape comes in.

When it comes to commercial lawn care services in Charlotte, we have the greenest thumb. We’ve been tending turf in the Queen City and the surrounding counties, including commercial landscapes, for more than 20 years. With droughts, cold snaps, lawn pests, and storms, Charlotte’s grass takes a beating, but our commercial landscapers can stand up to it all to maintain a lawn you’ll be proud of.

Our custom commercial lawn maintenance packages are designed around your unique landscape. For some businesses, that might mean weekly lawn mowing; for others, it could be time for projects like aeration or grass seeding. Whatever the case, we’ll make sure your commercial lawn is picture perfect and customer ready.

Make the most of your commercial property

Planning for Lawn Care Success

As a business owner, your priorities probably lie inside your four walls, but we believe that what’s outside those walls matters, too. Maintaining your commercial lawn isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about increasing the value of your business. With a manicured lawn, you’ll both impress your existing customers and attract new ones. If you’re operating a residential property in Charlotte, such as a neighborhood HOA or apartment building, beautiful lawns will woo potential buyers and renters. Plus, a well-maintained landscape will actually increase the value of your property.

commercial lawn and shrubs

Types of Commercial Businesses We Serve

As a growing metropolis, Charlotte is home to all manner of businesses, which is why our commercial lawn care services are designed to address each venture’s unique needs.

HOA Lawn Maintenance

We can keep your neighborhood looking picture-book pretty with commercial lawn maintenance services like mowing, trimming, and edging, weed control, aeration and seeding, and seasonal clean-ups.

Industrial Landscape Maintenance

Factories, warehouses, processing plants, and distribution centers in Charlotte need a commercial lawn care company like MetroGreenscape to not only boost the curb appeal of their business but to ensure all outdoor areas are safe and accessible.

Apartment Landscape Maintenance

Around here, apartment living almost always involves the outdoors. Your tenants and prospective residents alike will appreciate the attention to detail of our Charlotte-area apartment lawn maintenance services.

Business Park & POA Maintenance

A well-maintained lawn will increase the value of your business park, appealing to top-notch tenants who are in turn able to pursue high-quality customers and talent. Happy lawn, happy tenants, happy customers.

Apartment building landscape
How We Can Help

Commercial Lawn Care Services

Commercial lawns are often sprawling and diverse, which is why they require the trained eyes and nimble hands of commercial landscapers like MetroGreenscape. Our Charlotte-area commercial lawn care services range from mowing to irrigation management and everything in between to ensure every corner of your landscape is perfect.

Lawn Mowing & Weekly Maintenance

Overgrown grass is a sure sign of a shuttered business. Make sure customers know you’re thriving with grass that’s neatly trimmed and plants that are well cared for.

Leaf Removal

We all love fall color, but a commercial lawn cluttered with fallen leaves just doesn’t look professional. Our commercial landscape crew will clean up the mess and return your lawn to its best shape.

Irrigation Management

Charlotte’s temperamental weather can leave areas of your commercial lawn dry or muddy. With our irrigation management services, including installation, reconfiguring, and maintenance, your entire lawn will receive just the right amount of water year-round.

Turf Services

Whether your turf just needs a touchup, installation in areas of new construction, or a complete renovation, our specialists will make sure your Charlotte turfgrasses are healthy, happy, and picture ready.

Aeration & Seeding

Aeration is a long-term solution to common commercial lawn care problems and keeps your soil healthy. We’ll often follow aeration with seeding, filling in bare areas or your whole lot, for a full, healthy-looking lawn.


A beautiful commercial lawn isn’t just about the grass (though it’s our favorite part). We can help your other plantings look their best and keep mother nature at bay with careful, regular pruning.

Winter Pruning Visits

As a seasoned Charlotte commercial lawn care company, we know that the best season to prune and trim back trees and large bushes is in the dead of winter. In winter, we prune fruit trees, flowering shrubs, and even ornamental grasses so they’ll thrive come summer.

Satisfaction Audits

We aren’t the kind of company that operates behind closed doors, either literally or figuratively. We’ll check in regularly to make sure our commercial lawn care isn’t just meeting your expectations, but exceeding them.

Additional Commercial Services

Sometimes all it takes to transform your commercial landscape from ho-hum to a humdinger is a special service, offered regularly or when needed.

Preventative Weed Treatments

The phrase “grow like a weed” exists for a reason, but our preventative weed treatments will keep the pesky plants from poking up in sidewalk cracks, parking lots, flower beds, and anywhere else your customers might notice them.

Plant Health Care

Our green thumb extends to every plant on your property. Our commercial lawn care experts can keep an eye on your grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers to ensure they’re receiving the nutrients and care they need to look their best.

Seasonal Color

There’s nothing that says autumn quite like a spray of mums, while late winter is made more bearable by pansies. Add seasonal color to your commercial lawn care package, and your business will celebrate every season with gusto (even the cold ones).

Mulch & Needles

Mulch or needles are like the icing on top of your commercial lawn cake. Beds covered in a fresh layer of mulch or pine needles present a polished picture of your business, plus these coverings help prevent weeds and overgrowth.

Request an Estimate Today

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to commercial lawn care in Charlotte. That’s why our packages are custom built to suit your landscape and needs. Contact us today, and we’ll connect you with one of our experts who will study your land and consider your ideas in order to put together the perfect package for your business.

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Charlotte Commercial Lawn Maintenance FAQs

Is it worth paying for commercial lawn care?

Many business owners have a can-do attitude, and that’s great! But when it comes to commercial lawn care, you should leave it to the professionals. We’ll consider the technicalities of soil, drainage, and sun and come up with a plan that keeps your lawn looking great—and takes the hard work of doing so off your plate.

What is the difference between commercial landscaping and commercial lawn care?

Commercial lawn care includes services that help maintain your landscape, like grass mowing, seeding, pruning, and small plantings like annuals. Commercial landscaping, on the other hand, involves the restructuring of a landscape, such as planting permanent features like perennials or shrubs. MetroGreenscape offers an array of commercial lawn care services, but we do not offer commercial landscaping.

How much does commercial landscaping cost?

Because commercial landscaping is often such a large endeavor, it can range from $4 to $12 per square foot. If you’re looking for a commercial landscaper in the Charlotte area, we’re happy to make a recommendation.

How much does commercial lawn care cost?

Every commercial lawn is as unique as the business that calls that plot of earth home. Because each project varies so vastly, it’s impossible to offer an estimate without seeing the lawn and developing a thorough understanding of your needs. If you’re looking for commercial lawn care in Charlotte, contact us today for an estimate.

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