As spring begins in Charlotte, it’s time to prepare your yard for the joys of outdoor living that lie ahead by pruning away the old and planting new landscaping. At MetroGreenscape, we understand the importance of laying the groundwork now to ensure your outdoor space flourishes in the warmer months to come. That’s why we’re excited to share some essential tips to help you prune your plants and introduce new plants to your garden. Read below to learn how to prepare, maintain, and beautify your yard space this season!

Spring Pruning Essentials

  1. Inspect and Repair: Begin your spring gardening with a detailed inspection of your shrubs for any winter damage. Look for broken, bent, twisted, or compromised branches in all of your plants, and prune them promptly. A clean cut aids in quicker and healthier recovery as plants emerge from dormancy, so be sure to use your lawn tools instead of snapping branches with your hands! 
  2. Prune for New Growth: Now is the time to prune shrubs that set buds on new wood. Spirea japonica, is a vigorous grower that responds well to hard pruning, resulting in a shorter, more full plant adorned with spring flowers. Hydrangeas such as Endless Summer and Annabelle, along with Butterfly Bush and Caryopteris, should be pruned once the threat of hard frost has passed. If you can see new growth appearing on these plants it’s a sign that you can safely prune!
  3. Rose Care: Don’t forget your roses! Whether you have shrub roses, climbing roses, or rambling roses, prune them after the last frost this Spring by removing between ¼ to ⅓ of the plant and any dead canes. This encourages a healthier, happier rose bush as the weather warms up.

What not to Prune

Exercise pruning patience with Azaleas, Rhododendron, and Mountain Laurels. These plants may look brown and dried up after winter but often rebound with vigor. Wait to prune these plants until after they flower, as any truly dead branches will be more evident. These plants can fool you by bouncing back from a pretty sad state in early spring – and you don’t want to unnecessarily cut potentially healthy buds! 

Mark your calendars!

April 15th is the earliest date to safely plant in Charlotte, NC based on data from the National Weather Service. Over the past 145 years in Charlotte, it has only dropped below freezing or below 21 times after April 15th! 

Dreaming of New Landscaping?

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your yard. Our expert landscapers will take care of all your planting needs to ensure that you have a lush, green yard in every season. 

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Ready to elevate your outdoor space? Contact MetroGreenscape today, and let’s plant the seeds for a breathtaking spring transformation.

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