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Top Professional Landscaping Charlotte, NC

Nothing dulls the look of a home more than a boring landscape. Landscapes are meant to enhance your home’s aesthetic by adding textures, colors, and shapes that create movement and layers. Our team makes that possible with expert services and custom designs, providing the best professional landscaping Charlotte has to offer.

MetroGreenscape starts with a thorough consultation that includes a site inspection with expert landscaping contractors. Whether you’re looking for our custom landscaping design or our higher-end luxury hardscape design, we’ll determine the best options and solutions for your dream landscape or outdoor living space in Charlotte, NC.

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We are your home for comprehensive, custom, professional landscaping Charlotte. Whether that means choosing the correct grass and trees or making sure you’ve got plants that can thrive in our mild climate, we’ve got landscaping contractors that know just what will and will not work for your yard.

Let’s kick off your dream landscape with a one-on-one consultation. One of our landscaping pros will discuss your goals and a clear plan forward.

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Make the Most of Your Yard

Planning for Landscaping Success

We’ve worked with Charlotte landscapes for over 20 years. By now, we know a thing or two about creating beautiful custom landscaping design. Our industry professionals have an eye for detail, and know which plants, flowers, and shrubs will thrive throughout the seasons to make your home stand out on the block.

When you work with MetroGreenscape, you benefit from over two decades of experience with water features, outdoor lighting, irrigation planning, seasonal color, and privacy trees. We offer a variety of custom landscaping services, including artificial turf, to help your lawn reach its full potential.

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Lawn maintenance and care by MetroGreenscape
Plants locally sourced for landscape design by MetroGreenscape
Helpful Landscaping Information

Top 3 Things to Know About Charlotte Landscaping

Here at MetroGreenscape, we love nothing more than helping Charlotte, NC homeowners realize their landscaping dreams. Our mild and friendly climate gives you a smorgasbord of plants to play around with and a nice, long growing season, all of which adds up to many opportunities in the “softscape” department. When sitting down to contemplate how you’d most like to mold and beautify your yard, here are three key things to remember.


Landscaping Can Reflect Your Personality & Style

Simple or complex, colorful or muted, traditional or a bit eccentric: Your yard’s landscaping can and should represent something of your personal aesthetic and outlook. It’s a highly visible display, after all, and one you can continue shaping—even completely transforming—over time to reflect your own evolving wants, needs, and sensibilities.


When Planning Landscaping, Understand the Fundamentals of Your Environment

It’s imperative to understand the physical realities of your space when scheming up your landscaping plan. Such fundamentals as soil type and texture and your climate zone will impose certain limitations—and present many possibilities. These physical realities can be shaped and altered to some extent—through, for example, soil amendments and creating microclimates—but they set some useful ground rules that can save you a lot of headaches and wasted money down the line.


Landscaping Is a Year-Round Project

Just as in wild nature, seasonal cycles are part of what make your landscaping interesting and dynamic, from spring greenup to fall colors. Planning the perfect landscaping means thinking of how these changes will affect its look and feel throughout the year and also taking advantage of elements that’ll add off-season color and structure, such as evergreen plants and winter-blooming flowers (both of which can do wonderfully in Charlotte, NC).

Keeping Your Yard Healthy & Green

Irrigation System Repairs & Installations

As one of the best irrigation companies in Charlotte, NC, our team designs and installs many types of irrigation systems in the greater Charlotte area.

We understand that water is the most important resource your plants need. It is paramount to have a properly designed irrigation system that will keep your plants healthy and vibrant.

Our landscape designers can create and install a system that is designed for your home and your unique situation. This will help guarantee that all of your lawn and plants are getting the correct amount of water without the worry of not enough or too much water getting there.

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Irrigation System in CLT
Seasonal Landscaping Advice

Caring for Your Lawn Throughout the Year

MetroGreenscape is your one stop for all seasonal landscaping needs. We’re there spring, summer, winter, and fall with landscaping services to ensure that your yard, soil, and root systems stay healthy and vibrant. Different times of year offer their own opportunities and demands when it comes to landscaping installation and upkeep. At MetroGreenscape, we can help you capitalize on seasonal landscaping giving your lawn a different appearance and vibe throughout the year.


Spring is a busy time of year in the landscaping department: prime time for planting, for pruning flowering shrubs and trees, for fertilizing the lawn, and for generally getting a head-start on the season’s weeds.


Along with taking advantage of the generously long days to pull off landscaping installations, summer’s a time to weed, mow, harvest from your garden, dead-head flowers to prolong blooms, and, of course, enjoy those lazy evenings out in your stunning yard.


Even as many plants begin winding down for winter, fall’s full of potential when it comes to landscaping. It’s a wonderful window for planting—not least those seeds that require cold stratification, as well as trees and shrubs benefitting from more time to establish root systems ahead of the following summer. This is also a great season for dividing perennials and for mulching.


Winter mulching can squelch weed seeds before they germinate; it’s often hard to mulch that problem away if you wait until spring. This time of year is also great for cutting softscaping back and tidying up—and for planning next season’s gardens. Plus, if you love looking out your window to see a green lawn year-round, MetroGreenscape offers high-quality artificial turf installation.

Landscaping in a brick retaining wall by MetroGreenscape
How We Can Help Improve Your Landscape

Our Custom Landscape Services

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Health of Existing Plant Life

We check for disease that can harm plants, while also marking sure existing plants are pruned correctly so they don’t take up more than their fair share of sunlight and water.

Lawn Analysis

We regularly perform lawn analysis, checking your yard’s health status and recommending lawn care services to address dead patches, poor soil conditions, thatch build-up, and proper grass height.

Site Drainage

Excess moisture can wreak havoc on landscapes. That’s why we check your property for erosion and proper drainage to keep water away from your home and patio foundations.

Water Features

Get your own version of a waterside view by installing a fountain or pond. These water features add personality and character to any landscape, and create a relaxing outdoor oasis.

Landscape Design

When we arrive on site, we’ll be ready to provide custom landscaping ideas and initial thoughts, as well as answer questions to help give you direction on what landscaping services you need. That way you’ll be confident with your landscaping plans before we move into the design phase.

Privacy Trees & Shrubs

We identify trees that may be at risk due to disease or fungus. We will then propose an action plan to save the tree or consult with our certified arborist if necessary.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting accents your lawn and landscape, giving your yard a nighttime look. And, outdoor lighting also enhances the security of your home.

Irrigation Planning

We check lawns for existing irrigation and water systems, ensuring that landscapes are free from over watering and leaks. We even make suggestions to conserve water.

Seasonal Color

Custom landscaping is never complete without a little seasonal color. Our team will help you select and plant flowers and beds throughout your yard.

Outdoor putting green, patio and landscape design by MetroGreesncape
More Information

Add-On Services to Complement Landscaping Services

Irrigation Repairs, Installation, Turn Ons & Shut Offs

As one of the best irrigation companies in Charlotte, NC, our team designs and installs many types of irrigation systems in the greater Charlotte area.

Water is the most important resource your plants need. So a properly designed irrigation system will keep your plants healthy and vibrant. This also means your system should reduce risk of pest and disease damage and even protect the quality of your soil, all while reducing workload.

Poorly designed systems are failure-prone, can over- or under-water, and can even flood or erode landscaped areas. In most cases, low water pressure is the main reason for irrigation problems.

Before you plant, your soil should be tested for drainage and absorbance. This will also help identify optimal ways to provide irrigation to the area. Our landscape designers can create and install a system that is designed for your home and your unique situation. This will help guarantee that all of your lawn and plants are getting the correct amount of water without the worry of not enough or too much water getting there.

In addition to installation of a system, our team can offer lawn maintenance plans for irrigation systems in Charlotte, and the greater metro area. This helps keep your system running correctly for more years by catching any issue early and getting them repaired.

Landscape Planning Example

Our Charlotte landscaping services include custom planning to enhance the look of your home. Below is an example of one of our landscaping plans that you can expect when you work with our professional landscaping company. This helps you visualize the work being completed. The landscaping plans are rather simple, only marketing the landscape changes to your yard. Landscaping plans can be up to three pages long.

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Landscaping Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens during a consultation?

Our consultations are an opportunity for our landscaping experts to talk with you about your goals and how to achieve them. Learn more about our consultation process works.

What does a residential landscaper do?

Residential landscapers like MetroGreenscape typically create custom landscape blueprints for front and back yards that include trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, ponds, fountains, walkways, benches and even retaining walls to create a beautiful, enjoyable outdoor space. Landscapers develop custom landscaping plans that include everything from picking a grass type, to planting shrubbery, to adding seasonal flowers for added color. They evaluate the size, layout and placement of a landscape and then consult with the owner about their landscaping needs as well as other suggestions to enhance the look of the yard. Charlotte landscapers such as MetroGreenscape may also provide additional services such as lawn and landscape maintenance.

Are landscapers licensed?

In most states, landscapers must have a license. All landscapers working in North Carolina must have a license and state contract to plant and maintain lawns, gardens, trees and decorative landscape flora. Landscapers working in NC must pass an examination and possess a surety bond. Additionally, landscaping services that use pesticides for insect control must have a commercial pesticide license provided by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Licenses are not required for mowing lawns, maintaining lawns, sod installation and turf management. At MetroGreenscape, we are licensed to provide landscaping services and we have a commercial pesticide license. We even take it one step further by having our general contractor license to ensure that no project is too big for us to help you with!

What types of landscaping services are there?

There are a variety of landscaping services. The most common is landscape design and implementation, which creates a plan for the best way to use your space, including what plants and features to place. Other landscaping services include planting bed maintenance, hedging, plant care, irrigation, and seasonal displays.

  • Plant bed detailing and maintenance: This includes trimming, debris removal, weeding, removal of dead blooms and browning leaves, mulch raking, and more.
  • Hedging and pruning: This promotes plant growth and plant health and maintains the desired shapes and sizes of decorative plants.
  • Plant health care: This includes fertilizing landscape plants, testing soil, and checking for signs of diseases or pest damage.
  • Monitoring irrigation systems: This includes blowing water out of lines to prevent freezing during cold weather and ensuring plants are receiving appropriate amounts of water throughout the year. It also includes checking water efficiency and usage.
  • Landscape seasonal displays: This includes planting fall, summer, or spring flowers at the start of each season and adding holiday plants to the landscape design.

How much does a landscape design cost?

Landscape design costs between $500 and $5,000. The cost of your landscape design package depends on the size of the area being landscaped, geographical barriers to implementing your design and how many items (plants, trees, structures, etc.) you want to complete the landscape. Before an exact cost can be provided, a landscaper will analyze the overall area of a proposed landscape plan and consult with you about possible advantages and disadvantages of your space.

How much does landscaping cost in Charlotte?

Landscaping can cost as little as $3,000 and as much as several hundred thousand dollars. Our typical landscaping costs at MetroGreenscape average around $15,000 and we allow people to do things in bite size chunks if they want to phase the work. Let us help you beautify your yard and be the envy of your neighborhood!

cost of professional landscaping

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