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To understand the vision for your Charlotte home’s outdoor living space and make it a reality, our process begins with a one-on-one consultation between you and one of our landscaping and hardscaping professionals.

Learn more about our consultation process. When you’re ready to book yours, give us a call at 704-504-0980 or contact us online.

How Our Consultations Work

Consultations are perfect for homeowners that are looking for next-level landscaping or hardscaping advice from an expert with years of industry knowledge and experience. 

The goal of a consultation is to (1) understand your vision, (2) build you a customized plan to make it happen, and (3) provide you with the most accurate estimate possible. To do this, during the consultation we will: 

  • Spend up to an hour surveying the areas you want to change or re-work
  • Identify any existing issues or barriers to completing your dream landscape or hardscape
  • Analyze your dirt composition, slope, and irrigation 
  • Take rough sketches and images to build a customized design 
  • Make expert recommendations to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home
  • Discuss your budget and financing options 

Once the consultation is complete, our team will contact you to discuss cost range, recommend cost-effective, budget-friendly options, and plan next steps.

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Our Consultation Pricing

Why Do We Charge for Consultations?

Scoping and planning your vision takes time and attention, as well as years of experience to draw from. Making your dream a reality starts with an honest assessment of your property so that later, we can give you the most accurate estimate possible.

The Risks of Free Consultations

Other hardscaping and landscaping companies offer free consultations. But beware! Because they are free, they often aren’t as comprehensive. That means the estimates are often inaccurate and homeowners are later hit with much higher project prices than their initial budget.

Other contractors will offer free consultations as a way to attract new businesses when they are lacking experience or results. These contractors often overpromise and underdeliver, causing homeowners to spend even more money fixing poor workmanship.

What To Expect From MetroGreenscape

When you pay for a consultation, you can expect:

  • To work with an expert that keeps up with industry products and trends
  • A thorough assessment of your soil, drainage, and slope conditions
  • Advice on which plants and flowers will thrive based on your location and the layout of your yard
  • Design advice from a local professional that prioritizes locally sourcing materials
  • Someone with both landscaping and hardscaping experience that knows the significance of each

Start your outdoor living project off on a strong foundation, and book a consultation with our Charlotte-area landscaping professionals today!

When you’re ready to book yours, give us a call at 704-504-0980 or contact us online.