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The Benefits of a Custom Seating Wall

Building the perfect backyard takes a lot of work. Not only do you have to landscape, but you have to think about how many people you want the space to entertain adequately. Then, once you’ve installed a pool, a fire pit, or any of the other additions that can make your backyard all the more fun, you’ll only have one more problem to consider—seating.

That’s where seating walls come into play. Seating walls are low-maintenance and practical accessories to integrate into your backyard. They make it easy to host parties, entertain visitors, and even help you perform yard work. After all, you’ll have a built-in bench just inches from your flower beds—kick your feet up while you’re weeding, and the result will be that much better.

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Seating Wall Design & Installation

Both the height and width of your seating wall are essential to its overall functionality. Build a wall that’s too short, and it won’t be practical for your guests to use. Build a wall that isn’t wide enough, and you’ll run into the same problem.

Our team helps you build a seating wall that is both practical to use and aesthetically pleasing. We’ll help you explore the different materials you can make your wall out of, ensuring continued drainage while still keeping the wall comfortable. We can also pre-build any structural supports that may help keep your wall in place should Charlotte, NC’s weather get the best of your soil.

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Our Process: Building Your Seating Wall in Charlotte

Adding a seating wall to your yard isn’t just about matching our style to yours. It also requires architectural know-how. You want your wall to be structurally sound in addition to beautiful. Our team needs to consider several factors before beginning the installation process. These include your preferred installation site, the quality of your soil, and any necessary drainage features that your wall needs.

Our team of craftsmen will not break ground in your lawn before we know that you’re satisfied with your blueprints. Only then will we put our decades of experience to use. Then, you can trust our team to effectively install a secure seating wall and clean up after we leave. This way, you can go about using your new wall as soon as you’d like.

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Seating Wall Costs in Charlotte

Budgeting for new additions to your yard can be a challenge. When our team brings a new seating wall into your yard, we make sure you know how much special features may cost. We also discuss certain installation elements—obstacles, soil quality, and your choice of materials—that may cost more than others. 

With so many variable factors impacting the cost of your installation, it helps to get an estimate ahead of time. Then, you can sit down with our craftsmen to discuss what elements you want to integrate into your seating wall and how much they may cost you.

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How We Can Help Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Add-On Services to Complement Custom Seating Walls in Charlotte

With 20-year roots in Charlotte, our hardscape designers and architects understand the local aesthetic and building materials that will last in the Carolinas. We make installing a hardscape easy as a full-service operation, managing hardscape design, planning, and construction. If you are in the market for a hardscape design in Charlotte and surrounding areas, contact us to schedule your consultation.

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Custom Patios

Patios are the perfect outdoor offshoot of your home, creating a perfect place to eat, gather, or play outdoors.

Custom Decks

Whether you like the traditional look of wood, or prefer the convenience of composite, we’ll build a custom deck to meet your specifications.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Grill in the great outdoors with a custom outdoor kitchen that outfits all your culinary needs.

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Create a warm place for family and friends to gather with a custom outdoor fireplace.

Fire Pit Installation

Accent your backyard with an outdoor fire pit installation that the family will enjoy year-round.

Custom Landscaping

Create a green environment you want to spend hours relaxing in.

Retaining Wall Installation

Prevent backyard erosion with a retaining wall that blends with your landscape.

Walkways & Stairs

Make it easier and safer to access the outdoors with custom walkways and stairs.

In-Ground Swimming Pools

Cool off beside a custom-built swimming pool during Charlotte’s hot summers with family and friends.

Outdoor Living Spaces Gallery

Need some inspiration for your outdoor living space? Check out some of images of outdoor patios that we’ve worked on in Charlotte and surrounding areas. We can help you create a custom outdoor patio like these, or one that’s completely unique to your home.

Custom Seating Wall FAQ

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Does a Seating Wall Add Value to a Home?

A well-placed, custom seating wall does add value to your home. As mentioned, these seating walls are the ideal compromise between additional lawn furniture as your desire to entertain. Instead of repositioning chairs every time guests come over, they can comfortably use your wall while enjoying your yard’s other features.

How Tall Should a Seating Wall Be?

You need your custom seating wall to be tall enough that guests won’t drop when they take a seat. With that in mind, the average seating wall needs to be between 18 and 24 inches tall. Our team will design a seating wall to your specifications, meaning that you can alter the height as you please.

How Do You Build a Curved Seating Wall?

Curved seating walls don’t require specialized equipment to build. Instead, our team can use certain stone blocks or skeletal supports to plan out a wall’s general shape. To start the process off, we’ll build one end of your wall. From there, we’ll let certain blocks direct the curve, all while keeping the wall within your preferred dimensions and space.

How Do You Build a Retaining Wall with Seating?

You can integrate specific seats into a custom seating wall. Our team of craftsmen can integrate divots into your planned brick or concrete structure. In turn, we can leave those divots material-free during your wall’s initial construction. If you want to line these divots with cushions or other supportive materials, you can work with our team to see what options may be available to you.

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