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Lawn Care & Maintenance in Charlotte, NC

If you’ve got a yard, you know the regular maintenance work can be overwhelming at times. Whether that means weekly mowing or yearly fertilizing and pruning, we are here to help. At MetroGreenscape, we will provide you with an annual lawn maintenance services plan. You’ll get our years of experience combating lawn disease and insect control along with a complete grounds maintenance service. These could be especially difficult if you’ve had a complex landscaping project recently completed or we have installed a custom project with maintenance needs.

Making sure that you have proper lawn care and plant maintenance plans in place will help guarantee the lifespan of your landscaping as well as ensure any potential problems will be caught and treated early.

*Weekly lawn mowing service in Charlotte, NC is available with annual contracts only

Regular maintenance and lawn services in Charlotte, NC keep yards healthy so homeowners can enjoy the outdoors.

Annual Maintenance Program

MetroGreenscape’s annual maintenance program is designed to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all year – without any stress on your part. With annual lawn maintenance, our technicians come to your home every 7 to 10 days to care for your lawn. During mowing season, we’ll ensure grass is cut to your or your neighborhood’s standards, usually between 3.5 and 4 inches with mulching mowers that return nutrients to your yard and reduce landfill material. This is for cool season turf. For Warm Season grass we will cut between 2-3 inches. In the fall and winter months we focus on taking care of leaf removal, aeration, and fertilization needs along with flower bed maintenance.

On top of lawn care like mowing, our maintenance plans offer additional services that make your life easier, such as mulching, pruning, or anything you want maintained on the property. We do it all! All our maintenance programs include periodic inspections to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality service available, along with additional options that you can customize to meet your needs.

We offer two primary packages for our Charlotte lawn maintenance program:


  • Seasonal color
  • Irrigation management
  • Lighting management
  • Monthly audits
  • Turf services (fertilization / fungus treatments,weed control)
  • Pruning
  • Weekly maintenance
  • Mulch/needles
  • Plant health


  • Weekly maintenance
  • Monthly audits
  • Turf fertilization/weed control
  • Pruning
  • Leaf removal
  • Aerating/seed
  • Mulch/pine needles

Maintenance Service Area

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Plant Healthcare

Here at MetroGreenscape, we have a plant healthcare package that gives us the time to monitor your plants throughout the season to maintain the health and vigor of your landscaping. This means we will have a leg up on any possible problems that may occur. These problems could be anything from lack of nutrients which can cause your plants to have an inability to grow properly or possible season insects which have the potential to cause a lot of damage when not prepared for correctly.

Also included in our plant healthcare maintenance package is:

  • Plant fertilization to improve root growth and bloom color
  • Seasonal insect/disease monitoring and treatments
  • We use integrated pest management throughout the season
  • Make recommendations and/or adjust watering practices to avoid damaging plant health

Our plant and lawn services team is trained to look for minute details in each plant on your property to ensure we are providing the best possible care for the different potential dangers to your lawn and plants.

Lawn treatment in Charlotte, NC includes fertilization and planting maintenance.

Turf Programs-Cool/Warm

We have a variety of Organic and Chemical programs designed to meet the individual needs of your property.
Both cool and warm season programs are designed to enhance the soil structure, and produce a dense, healthy, root system for overall sustainability. From our staff, you will have access to years of seasoned knowledge in the turf industry to assist in having the best lawn in town.
When a member of our team is working with your lawn, it means we’ve got a personal stake in how your lawn looks. We take great pride in making sure your lawn is as healthy as it can be.
It is important to note that not all lawn maintenance plans are created equally. We understand that throughout the year different types of grasses will require different types and amounts of care. Whether this is fertilizer or weed prevention products, we know what needs to go down and when it needs to be applied to properly prepare for not just the near future but to prepare your lawn for the upcoming seasons.
When your lawn is properly prepared in the fall for the winter, you will notice it getting healthy and green faster in the spring. The same goes for appropriate care in the spring for the upcoming summer season.
Lawn care in Charlotte keeps yard healthy.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting enhances the overall appearance and value of your home. It not only provides functional light but also decorative to really show off your landscaping.

LED lighting is the sustainable lighting of the future. At MetroGreenscape we can design, install, and maintain outdoor lighting systems.

When you have a properly designed and installed outdoor lighting system, it will really show. Our team can design landscape lighting for any outdoor area of your home. This includes walkways to the front door or pathways to the back yard, around your landscaping, around your outdoor areas including kitchens and patios, or any special location you want to showcase.

Once your lighting system is installed, it will generally need very little maintenance. This is the one of the great things about LED lighting, they are incredibly low maintenance. However, we know things can happen and when we install a system for you, we will perform any necessary maintenance so if you’ve got problems with the system once installed or notice any lights no longer lighting up or not as brightly as they used to, we can repair or replace as necessary.

Seasonal Maintenance

Our seasonal services are designed to enhance your property. We have a number of custom and luxury maintenance packages to take care of your unique lawn and landscape.

Some of the services we provide are intended to provide visual appeal while also protecting your landscaping. Mulching, laying down pine needles, aeration, and fall leaf removal services at Charlotte, NC homes are a few examples.

Other services are to help keep your plants healthy and ensure your yard will be looking good for the upcoming seasons. These include winter and summer pruning for trees and shrubs, annual planting of perennial varieties, and spring cleanup to encourage better growth.

With our custom packages you will be able to choose what services are both necessary to your home and most important to you in capturing that perfect landscape.


We will monitor your irrigation system and yard drainage throughout the year. This will help us keep your system working during the months it needs to and prevent any damage that could cause the system to stop functioning.

When it is in its operational season, we will make sure the system is watering properly and not leaking, which could cause damage to your lawn.

During the colder months, Charlotte irrigation systems are susceptible to damage and freezing. Our irrigation winterization services will help to keep your system protected throughout the winter.

After the winter season has ended, it is time for our spring irrigation service. During this we will check the integrity of the system and run the system to be sure it is working as intended and make any necessary repairs.

Weekly Maintenance Services

What sets MetroGreenscape apart from our maintenance competitors is that we care about your property by providing the best products available to meet your budget, while communicating unforeseen needs and upcoming issues through superior communication.

We understand the importance of a properly prepared and implemented lawn care and landscape maintenance plan for Charlotte homes. When correctly maintained, you can avoid costly repairs and stay on top of any stray issues that may arise.

Let our team help you by designing the optimum maintenance plan for your home’s landscaping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are lawn maintenance services?

Lawn maintenance services include any professional help caring for your lawn. Most lawn services companies include lawn mowing services, lawn fertilization, aeration, and weed control. Lawn mowing is the most common service you’ll find, but many homeowners in the Charlotte area also want more and deserve more so we have put together packages that handle everything. Some of these services just in disease alone include handling brown patch, fairy rings, and rust, which can be treated with fungicides. Not to mention other services within turf care.

What is landscape maintenance?

Landscape maintenance is the regular care of non-grass areas of your yard. That includes maintaining shrubbery, trees, decorative plant and flower gardens, and other services, such as leaf removal in the fall. Trimming, pruning, fertilizing, mowing and pest control may also be part of a landscape maintenance plan that keeps your yard and property looking clean and beautiful throughout the year.

MetroGreenscape’s Charlotte landscape maintenance services are flexible enough to include some or all of these services. Before implementing a plan, our team will proactively evaluate the current condition of your home’s outdoor space, make recommendations and then coordinate maintenance plans to accommodate based on your goals, schedule, budget and of course science does play a part.

Why hire a lawn care service in Charlotte, NC?

Most homeowners hire lawn care services for one of two reasons: convenience or expertise. A lawn care service can greatly improve your life and make owning a home far more convenient. You no longer need to know your lawn or watch for common diseases or pests. With lawn care services, homeowners can simply enjoy their outdoor spaces without the usual lawn maintenance.

Lawn care service providers also have more expertise than most homeowners. In Charlotte, professional lawn care maintenance companies understand how North Carolina’s heat and humidity affect lawns and the drainage problems that come with high amounts of spring rain. That expertise helps keep your lawn healthier and free from the diseases and pests.

How much does lawn care cost per month?

Lawn care typically costs between $300 and $500 per month. That includes weekly lawn mowing and trimming along with other essential maintenance. However, the average cost of lawn care in Charlotte and around the country will vary greatly depending on what services are included, as well as their frequency. For example, lawn care and maintenance that doesn’t include landscape maintenance will be less expensive than a combination package.

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