Outdoor Dream

Project Overview

The basis of this project centered on this statement from the client at our first meeting, “The world is our home.” After further discussion we found our client lives and works in Japan, Atlanta, Charlotte, and wherever else their work requires them to go. They wanted to create a familiar and special place built just for them to use as a retreat from the constant travel and change of their day to day lives, here at their home in Charlotte.

Project Features

Water Feature


The current back yard space was described by the client as standard, plain, cookie cutter, and lacking in unique quality; much like the surrounding yards in their community. Our challenge was to create a back yard destination that would settle their ever changing lifestyle while setting there Charlotte house apart from the others they live in.

Communication and decision making were the biggest obstacles on this project, as the clients busy travel schedule and constant time zone change made it hard to receive feedback in a timely manner for critical design decisions that needed to be made throughout the projects construction. Our team met this challenge through the use of text, email, picture, and video updates to provide daily progress reports for our client. The use of this technology insured timely decision making, maintained trust and reliability, and most importantly created an excitement factor for our clients that never ceased throughout the entire construction process.

The standout design elements in this project included a fountain, a stream, fire-pit, deck, patio, and pergola. These elements were tied together with the use of natural stone, pavers, and unique plantings to create an urban living feel with a modern flare in a suburban setting. These design elements came together to blend the clients travel experiences with their need for a destination space that was just their own. The end result was a customer who now viewed the world as where they may work and live, but now with their own unique destination space, Charlotte is where they are proud to call home.

Project Location
Cornelius, NC

Year Completed

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