Rolling Hills

Project Overview

This was a project that had to look as good from the golf course as it did from the kitchen window three stories up. It also had to be functional and aesthetically pleasing from around the pool area. This project has an outdoor kitchen/pergola area. It also has a fire element within the pool area along the edge to give it extra effect at night time. The concept of fire and water together is very appealing. The homeowner also wanted to hear water so we added sheer descents falling into the pool along with a nice hot tub to relax at the end of the day.

Project Features


One of the biggest challenges was that the client had already hired and fired a contractor so we had to overcome the obstacle of them not feeling very trusting of landscape architects. Fortunately for us, we were referred by one of the home owner’s business partners so we had the opportunity to meet with them and put them at ease about the project. Another large challenge was the property was on a large hill that led to a golf course which they did not own. We had to work with two different HOA’s, one for the neighborhood and the other the golf course.

During this project, one of the neighbors was being difficult and did not want her view of the golf course obstructed along with wanting to give her opinion on everything going on. It’s our job to always protect the customer and shield them from this type of situation that goes on behind the scene. In addition, this project also had a funny setback that was angled so this became challenging in the design because the customer wanted to use every square inch up to the setback but did not want a crooked pool. This is where we were able to use our expertise and creativity with boulders and make it a win for the customer and the association. We needed better project management and actually changed our business model because of it. On a large luxury project, we need to be more detail and have more ongoing communication with the client so that they have the absolute best experience.

Project Location
South Charlotte

Year Completed

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