The Mindless Vacation Spot

Project Overview

This project started with our client wanting to give her husband the gift of a great outdoor man space for him and his friends. The site was originally a small stairway transition from the back of the home to a lower stamped concrete patio with minimal space for their outdoor kitchen table, existing fireplace, and outdoor grill. The current site elements were lacking flow and connection to each other, making the current space feel tight, cramped, and struggling to provide a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Project Features
Outdoor Fireplace


In order to transform this space from its current state to a place where the guys would be proud to hang out and watch the game, we were asked to add a roofed structure, a redesigned outdoor kitchen, a bar, a fireplace extension, a new paver patio floor, two TV’s for game watching, sound, lighting, and a larger stairway to create a more inviting transition and flow from the interior of the home to the new exterior space.We were faced with matching difficult roof pitches and long spans to give the new metal shed roof the appearance that it was built with the home. Matching existing brick off the home and veneer stone on the fire place to the new outdoor kitchen, stoop, and fire place extension were also difficult. We overcame these obstacles through the use of engineered and custom fabricated beams to span the roof line as needed and found exact brick and stone matches to tie into the existing material and installed the with expert masonry practices. The new outdoor kitchen and bar blend effortlessly with the existing fireplace while a new brick stoop and paver floor tied the space together. The surrounding landscape softened the appearance of the new structure while providing screening and a defined entrance and exit point to flow into and out of the new space. These elements combined give the space the feeling that is has always been there. The new TV’s, surround sound, and interior lighting created a sports fans paradise where any dad, husband, or friend would be happy to watch a game.

Project Location
Waxhaw, NC

Year Completed

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