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MetroGreenscape in Lancaster, SC
Darin, congratulations on being chosen as one of our 2008 Movers & Shakers. It is a real honor and shows your dedication to the community and your company. You stood out among thousands of other applicants. I look forward to meeting you and Heather in person at your earliest convenience. I am available any day next week.
Landscaping in Lancaster, SC
Our new landscaping really looks wonderful! It was great that it was done so quickly, and everything was cleaned up well. The guys did a good job. The wall looks good too. Thanks, Heather. Metro Green Scape has done an excellent job again.
Landscaping and Patio in Lancaster, SC

Just a few words about our experience with MetroGreenscape...

Landscaping is an important part of what makes a nice house into a beautiful home. When you work with MetroGreenscape, you get professionals who really understand that. They are helping us design and build the home our children will grow up in. From the yard they will play in, to the trees they will climb and the patio where we will have our family cook outs. Together we are making our first house into a real home.

Thank you to all the wonderful folks at MetroGreenscape.

Landscape Design in Matthews, NC

What helped us the most was to think carefully about how we plan to use this space while we're still just sketching the design. I really appreciate your time explaining about how to design outdoor living spaces around our needs and uses and the great possibilities and advantages of incorporating hardscapes.

As it turns out, we'll need to add the hardscapes in Phase 2 in a year or so. Making the deck out of composite materials really ate through our budget faster than we expected. I'll be sure to call you again when we're ready to add the hardscapes.

Retaining Wall in Matthews, NC
I wanted to let you know that another neighbour from down the street somewhere was driving by just now, saw me unloading groceries, and asked who was doing the great work in our backyard. He said he had the same problem hill and wanted to do something like our wall. I told him what a great job you guys are doing, and how happy we are with the work.
Landscape Design in Matthews, NC

My husband and I purchased a lot for our home to be built on based entirely on the beauty of the land.

Once our home was built we put a fence in and a patio table in the back to enjoy the thick and lush tree line behind our property.

We quickly found that the tree line although lovely was absolutely no help for the 12 hours of brutal sun that beat down in our yard. Our beautiful property just became a place for our three dogs to do their business. It quickly became more of a nuisance than a place for us to enjoy.

When MetroGreenscape took on the task of helping us design a place of serenity and shade that we could enjoy with friends, family, our dogs as well as our teenager and his friends it was not an easy task! We each had our own wants, needs and vision of what our yard would look like.

I can't say enough about how Metrogreenscape took our budget helped us to design something that would suit us all and how much we have enjoyed our yard. We are spending more time together as a family, we have much needed privacy and shade and we are again enjoying our beautiful tree line.

I often work ten hours a day and six days a week and I no longer come home and watch TV to unwind.

I am outside enjoying my yard! My husband has said several times that this is the best thing we have ever done for ourselves and I wholeheartedly agree!

Landscaping in Mooresville, NC
It is a privilege to write a recommendation for Darin Brockelbank and MetroGreenscape. Darin is a rare breed of business owner who really defines the very nature of being an entrepreneur. Darin's first priority is to provide exceptional levels of commitment and performance to customer service. In a business market and industry that is so competitive on price, Darin has managed to grow a thriving business based on quality, craftsmanship, good ideas, sound business principles and superior customer service. If you ask any of his customers about Darin and MetroGreenscape, they will tell you the same thing. Darin is an entrepreneur who you will hear about for years to come. I'm glad to have the opportunity to work with and learn from Darin. Hiring MetroGreenscape will give you much more than a beautiful outdoor living project!
Landscaping and Patio in Mooresville, NC
Carol and I want to thank you for the outstanding job MetroGreenscape did in planning and installing our backyard patio and landscaping. The project turned our backyard into a beautiful place for us to enjoy and share with family and friends. We appreciated the courtesy and professionalism of your team. Having the detail design plan helped communications go smoothly when addressing onsite installation questions and options. Our special thanks go to Tim and David of the installation team. We appreciated Tim’s help with the overall layout and making some superb onsite adjustments. We also appreciated David’s work ethic and dedication in leading the installation team. The open communications and interaction with us helped make this a successful project that is a wonderful addition to our home.
Landscaping, Pool, Patio, Outdoor Kitchen in Mooresville, NC

When Ryan and Angela Fischer purchased their 5,000 square foot ranch in South Charlotte a year ago, they knew the yard was a fixer upper. It was a 30 year old home, and the pool was probably state of the art when it was built, but it had not been touched since. It had an outdoor kitchen, but the wood and decking were rotted. The pool didn’t leak, but that was the only good thing you could say about it, Ryan recalls with a laugh.

The couple sought help to transform the space – particularly since their U shaped house wraps around three sides of the area, which can be accessed from any of nine interior sliding glass doors. We knew it had to be a real showstopper if we wanted to do it right, he says. after interviewing several firms, the Fischers turned to Darin and Heather Brockelbank, the husband and wife team behind MetroGreenscape, Inc. We liked the design ideas Heather had, and we also appreciated their patience with us. We did about nine months to a year of planning and design work, and no one else we met with had been willing to invest that amount of time in us, Ryan says That elongated design process is not unusual for MetroGreenscape. For an extensive project, if you’re not spending at least three to six months in planning, you won’t be happy with the final result, Darin says. That planning was essential in this case due to its complexities. First, the home and pool sat on a sloped lot, essentially placing the pool area one level above ground. That raised issues during demolition.

The deck was multiple layers of concrete and rebar. Since it was elevated, we couldn’t use heavy machinery, so we took it out one piece at a time by hand, Darin says. They then went to work updating the look and the mechanics of the pool, replacing everything from pumps to electrical – all but the actual shell. Bill Howell and his team at Carolina Aqua Pools did a wonderful job refurbishing the pool, Darin says. Three new sheer descent waterfalls and a spa create a dramatic impression, while a Pebble Tec interior finish gives the pool a natural appearance.

Since a dramatic 20’ tall and 8’ wide stone fireplace is the focus of the great room, the couple wanted to carry that look outside. After searching countless stone yards, Darin found a Knoxville quarry that was able to blast out rock to match the 30 year old stone. That stone was used to surround the pool and to build an outdoor fireplace that piggybacked off the stack of a second interior fireplace. To replace the dated kitchen, a new outdoor kitchen was created out of the same stone, with a built in grill, refrigerator and keg hookup. They added a 7’ tall backsplash, which completely blocks the view from the only house we can see, Ryan says of their heavily wooded, acre plus lot.

It is those woods that were the inspiration for the final feature. What really sets the project apart is that where the pool decking stops, they built a 12’ by 18’ covered cabana that’s raised 6’ off the ground, Ryan describes. Their craftsmanship is just amazing, particularly in the cabana. They had a guy out there hand carving the wood. It was the only part of the project that I wasn’t sure needed to be done; now I can’t imagine our yard without it.

Creating these complete spaces is what MetroGreenscape strives to accomplish.

This is what we do. We want our clients to have all of the elements they have inside their homes on the outside. So we have an interior designer, a landscape designer and an outdoor living designer working in tandem. It’s difficult to put a value on creating an atmosphere, and to create it successfully, we have to get to know the client and what they want. That’s the most critical part of what we do, if that feeling isn’t there, it won’t be a success, Darin says.

Darin, Thanks for the great job at the pool this week. Everything went as scheduled and finished on time. It was more than I expected. I will recommend you to everyone else I work with. Stu

Patio Repair in Mount Holly, NC
I wanted to send a note of thanks for the help with the sitting wall on my patio. As we'd discussed a section had come loose at the ground, and we weren't sure what caused it (ie settling dirt, mortar coming undone, etc). I appreciate you taking care of repairing even though it may not have been a warranted repair. Your guy came to the house, was very professional, and took care of it really quickly. I appreciate the great service.