On Sunday, we “fall back” and set the clocks back one hour. While we change the time on our clocks and appliances, we need to remember to adjust the time and settings on our landscape lighting. The end of Daylight Savings Time means that it will get darker earlier in the evening.

When speaking with our Operations Manager, Scott Greeson, he advises that if you are using your outdoor lighting for security purposes, you should set the timer to come on at 5:00 pm and turn off at 7:00 am. If, however, you are using your lighting for accent purposes only, you can set them to turn on at 5:00 pm and turn off at 1:00 pm.

Scott also suggests that you consider increasing your long-term cost savings by installing or converting existing fixtures to LED. Low Voltage Lighting can provide as much light as incandescent bulbs using only 20% of the energy.  This means you can save money on your electric bill by consuming less energy while still providing adequate light.  Low Voltage Lights, especially LEDs, last 50 times longer than other bulbs creating less waste and saving on bulb replacement.

MetroGreenscape is offering an outdoor lighting package which includes a transformer and 6 path or uplight fixtures for $1,800.00 installed. Call Tina at 704-504-0980 for more information.

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep this weekend!

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