MetroGreenscape to Jumpstart Growth and Charity with a New Owner

Over the past 17 years, Darin Brockelbank and his wife, Heather, have dedicated a lot of time and effort to founding and building our amazing lawn care and landscaping company, MetroGreenscape. Their expert business acumen and support for others allowed MetroGreenscape to mature into an enormous success that allowed Darin and Heather to follow their passion to serve others – locally, nationally and globally. 

Now, we’re excited to announce that MetroGreenscape is ready to take its next step forward with a new owner: Jon Hardecopf.

The transition couldn’t come at a better time. Despite the challenging economic and social environment, MetroGreenscape continues to thrive by serving clients and supporting our community, keeping local workers employed. An impressive businessman and local charity advocate, Jon can help MetroGreenscape use its momentum to accelerate growth and continue devoting time and resources to support local and internal causes.

New owner, Jon, and founder, Darin, stand side-by-side in the MetroGreenscape office

Moving Forward to Focus on Charity and Growth

As a successful founder and business owner, Darin made the choice to sell MetroGreenscape in order to better support the company.

“I am so proud of MetroGreenscape,” said Darin. “Even in today’s tough environment, MetroGreenscape is thriving, keeping local Charlotte workers employed and creating beautiful outdoor spaces. The journey sometimes feels like two steps back and one step forward, but the truth is if you’re working hard and adapting to change you’re likely going two steps forward and only one step backward. The key is leaning on the Holy Spirit to guide you and oftentimes going against the grain despite others’ opinions, I have always taken it and it has led us to where we are today.”

While Darin is passing the baton to Jon, he still plans to remain actively involved in MetroGreenscape’s business and operations for the time being. Working together as a consultant, Darin will help Jon transition into leading MetroGreenscape so he can grow the business and serve the local Charlotte community.

MetroGreenscape clients, partners, and employees will start to see Jon taking an active role in the business starting in June 2020.

Getting to Know Jon: Lawn Care and Business Expert

Like Darin, Jon has experience in both lawn maintenance and growing a successful business. Jon actually started his first lawn care business as a teenager, giving him something in common with Darin. Darin started his first lawn care business at 14, while Jon began his lawn maintenance business when he was 15.

Jon ran his lawn care business from the age of 15 throughout high school and college while growing his skills through education. After college, he began a successful career in sales and management. 

Jon’s true passion has always been lawn care, and after several successful jobs and business enterprises, he felt led by God to return to the lawn maintenance industry. Now, as the new owner of MetroGreenscape, he is looking forward to seeing all that the future holds and is thrilled and excited to have the opportunity to lead the amazing team at MetroGreenscape. Both Darin and Jon see a future for the company that is bright and filled with ongoing success. 

“Words cannot express how excited I am for the opportunity to lead the amazing team at MetroGreenscape,” said Jon. “Over the past 17 years MetroGreenscape has been blessed with much success because of the high standards it sets in company culture and service excellence along with the team’s conviction to positively impact the surrounding communities. I am extremely proud to be a part of this organization and look forward to continuing to serve our customers across the Charlotte region!”

Moving Forward with Jon and MetroGreenscape

With Jon’s undivided focus and Darin’s ongoing input, things will only get better for MetroGreenscape, with the company continuing to grow and flourish. MetroGreenscape will continue to provide the same exceptional services to clients and actively pursue charitable works locally, nationally and globally.

“MetroGreenscape’s mission and values have never been stronger than they are now,” said Darin. “Jon is just taking things to the next level and I’m so excited to see where MetroGreenscape goes from here.”

With Jon at the helm, the future looks bright. The company will continue to work hard to live out its mission and dedicate itself to making a positive impact on others and changing lives eternally. Under Jon’s leadership, you can expect great things to come in the days, weeks and years ahead.

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