Building a custom pool is more than just constructing a water feature; it’s about creating a personalized amenity that reflects your unique preferences and needs. At Metrogreenscape, we take pride in our meticulous approach to each project whether it be a custom pool build or the landscaping and hardscaping surrounding it. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the careful and personalized 8-step process that sets Metrogreenscape apart in the realm of custom pool construction.

1. Book Your FREE Pool Consultation:

Metrogreenscape is your one-stop shop, handling every aspect of the project. We help you establish a realistic budget that encompasses pool construction, additional features, landscaping, and ongoing maintenance.  Our team thoroughly analyzes your property, considering factors like sunlight, shade, views, and accessibility to determine the optimal pool location.

2. Design Development:

Collaborate with our pool designer to refine the initial concept, considering practicalities, engineering requirements, and aesthetic preferences. At Metrogreenscape, we engage in detailed discussions to understand your vision, covering aspects like size, shape, depth, style, outdoor lighting, and any special features you desire.


MetroGreenscape Custom Hardscape Landscape and Pool Deisgns - Charlotte, NC

3. Review and Approve Your Design:

This collaboration transforms your ideas into a detailed 3d rendering of your design, ensuring that every aspect aligns with your vision. We present this design to you in an in-person meeting with our team that’s hosted in our offices. 

MetroGreenscape Custom Pool and Hardscape Design Rendering in Charlotte, NC

4. Material Selection:

Choose from a variety of materials for the pool shell, decking, coping, and additional features, with options like concrete, gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl for the pool shell and materials like stone, pavers, or wood for the surrounding area. Our experts will help you determine the best materials for your custom pool, and guide you through decisions such as chlorine vs. saltwater, to go for glass tile, whether or not to put in a pool heater, and any others.

5. Construction Begins:

Metrogreenscape is the fastest pool builder in Charlotte. We handle excavation, pool shell construction, plumbing, electrical systems, and the installation of special features, all according to the detailed design specifications and completed in less than 12 weeks.

MetroGreenScape Custom Pool Creation in Charlotte and Surrounding area

6. Quality Checks and Adjustments:

Before completion, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure all components of your pool function correctly, making any necessary adjustments or fixes.

7. Finishing Touches, Landscaping, & Decking:

We apply final finishes such as tiles, coping, and decorative elements, ensuring seamless integration with the overall aesthetic. Our expertise extends beyond the pool, with an intentional focus on designing and installing pool decks and landscaping that complement and enhance the overall aesthetic of your yard.

MetroGreenScape Custom Pools in and around the Charlotte, NC area


8. Final Inspections and Approvals:

We handle the final inspections and ensure that your pool not only meets safety and regulatory standards but also exceeds your expectations.


Building a custom pool with Metrogreenscape goes beyond construction; it’s a carefully orchestrated collaboration. Regular communication with our team ensures your vision is realized, making your custom pool a standout feature of your property. We can’t wait to work with you and create the custom pool of your dreams. 

Schedule your FREE pool consultation today – and we’ll complete your project in just 3 months!

MetroGreenScape Best Custom Pools in Charlotte, NC area

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