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Over the years, your lawn builds up a layer of thatch. This layer tends to lie on top of the rest of your soil, making it more difficult for nutrients to reach the roots of the grass and other plants you want to grow.

Aeration services don’t just remove the thatch from your lawn. When aerators in Charlotte, NC, tend to your lawn, they poke small holes through your thatch. This process leaves behind small burrows in your lawn that loosen the soil. Air, water, and other nutrients can more easily access the deeper wells of your soil through those burrows, ensuring that all of your plants enjoy the things that they need to thrive.

Planning for Aeration Success

MetroGreenscape’s aeration services are offered as part of our monthly lawn services plan. While you may only aerate your lawn once a year, you can still choose to integrate it into an existing weed prevention or greenery program.

With that in mind, talk about your aeration options with the MetroGreenscape professional aerators in Charlotte, NC. We’ll let you know about the aeration tools we have at our disposal and how the process can be best integrated into your existing or upcoming lawn care services.

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Top 3 Things to Know About Aeration in Charlotte


Aeration Has a Big Impact on Lawn Health

Aeration ensures that air, water, and other nutrients can continue to reach your soil. If your soil ends up becoming too compact, then the sheer density can start to kill off any foliage. Over-aeration, however, can also make your soil become too loose to adequately support plant growth.


Aeration and Overseeding Go Hand in Hand

Shortly after you have professionals aerate your lawn, you’ll want to overseed. By overseeding a newly aerated lawn, you ensure that a higher percentage of seeds take root in your soil. Freshly-seeded lawns that have had aeration tend to grow thicker and greener both immediately after planting and in the years that follow.


Determine the Right Aeration Frequency

The quality of your soil impacts how often you’ll want to have your lawn aerated. If you live on clay, for example, you will benefit from annual aeration services. These services will ensure that your soil remains malleable and doesn’t stiffen to the point at which it starts to starve your plants. On the other hand, looser soils may benefit from aeration once every two years or more. If you over-loosen your soil, you risk losing some of the stability that might otherwise support your grass and plants. If you’re not sure what kind of soil you live on, reach out to MetroGreenscape for a lawn consultation and aeration services in Charlotte, NC.

Work with Our Trusted Professionals for Aeration Services in Charlotte, NC

If you’ve never aerated your lawn before and you’re not sure how the process may benefit your lawn, don’t worry. MetroGreenscape offers aeration as part of its larger landcare service package.

Our professionals can come out to your property and take the health of your lawn into account. Once we’ve determined which kinds of services your lawn may benefit from — overseeding, weed prevention, and so on — we’ll help you break through the thatch in your lawn’s high traffic areas.

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Looking for aeration services in Charlotte, NC? Look no further. You can request aeration services as part of MetroGreenscape’s broader lawn care services package. Let our team assess the health of your lawn, and we’ll determine what degree of aeration may help restore its greenery.


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Aeration Frequently Asked Questions

Does aeration help with weeds?

Aeration makes it more difficult for germinating weeds to take root in your lawn. As grass and other plants take root, these growths can steal nutrients and water from any wintering weeds, too, limiting your spring weed growth.

Does aeration raise the PH of my lawn?

Aeration can raise the pH of your lawn, but that is not a direct result of the process. Instead of actively introducing nutrients to your lawn -- like the integration of supplements does -- aeration makes it easier for existing nutrients to circulate through your soil. If you’re concerned about your lawn’s pH, don’t rely on aeration; instead, discuss supplement options with our local Charlotte professionals.

How often should my lawn be aerated?

If you have an inch or more of thatch throughout your lawn, you need to aerate your property at least once a year. Families living on clay or other semi-impermeable soil also benefit from annual aeration practices. If you live on top of looser soil, however, you may want to limit aeration services to once every two to three years.

What is the difference between dethatching vs aeration?

The dethatching process only removes the top layer of dead growth from your soil. The aeration process, in contrast, digs deeper into your soil, ensuring that nutrients can permeate more deeply into your lawn. While both processes can be helpful, they have different purposes when it comes to the health of your lawn.