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Every Charlotte homeowner wants to prevent flooding. That’s why a well-designed drainage system is key. When Charlotte homeowners hire us for landscaping and hardscaping projects, we offer yard drainage systems to prevent standing water, which can ruin a beautiful lawn. Drainage problems lead to other, longer-term problems like grass and plant issues, deep puddles, and more bugs.

Charlotte has its share of frequent rainfall, so why not protect your home and your landscape with a top-of-the-line drainage system. When you use the experts at MetroGreenscape for your landscaping and hardscaping needs, we can also install a specially designed drainage system or upgrade your existing drainage setup to help you manage water once and for all.

Planning Tips

Planning for Drainage Success

How do you know if you have a drainage problem? You can tell if you notice water pooling in your lawn for more than 30 minutes or if your lawn is still moist an hour after it rains. And where there are drainage issues, flooding issues usually follow—a nightmare for homeowners.

When using MetroGreenscape for your landscaping and hardscaping needs, let our drainage contractors in Charlotte analyze your excess water issues. We’ll work fast to resolve the problem by installing a drainage system to control water or incorporate a rock river to direct water to a retention basin or the proper location.

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Helpful Information

Top 3 Things to Know About Drainage

Charlotte gets a lot of moisture, to put it mildly. This extra water is great for feeding luxuriant plant growth but not so great if it lingers or stagnates. If you notice puddles persisting on your lawn for more than a half-hour, or if turf feels damp an hour or more after rainfall, you’re looking at a drainage problem. The drainage needs are specific to each Charlotte lawn, but here are three things to know about a proper yard drainage solution.


Poor Drainage Can Harm Lawns and Plantings

Water ponding in your yard or oversaturating your soil can damage lawns, gardens, and other plantings. From turfgrass to ornamental flowers, many plants don’t fare well with sodden roots which can hinder their growth, starve them of oxygen, and promote disease.


Standing Water Can Promote Insect Problems

Ignore persistent water in your yard and you may end up creating the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Even the most beautiful landscapes and outdoor living areas can be ruined by an overabundance of pesky insects.


Drainage Solutions Can Be Attractive Landscaping Elements

Yard drainage solutions can be functional and stylish. From lush swales to rock rivers to rain gardens, custom yard drainage installations can be their own pleasant, eye-catching contributions to your landscaping.

How We Can Help

Charlotte Drainage Services

For drainage control in Charlotte, NC, the MetroGreenscape team can provide any number of structures and setups to integrate with your yardscape as a part of our landscaping and hardscaping services. Some popular options include:

French Drain

A French drain consists of a gravel-filled trench equipped with perforated pipes that channel water. They can be highly effective ways of redirecting runoff away from foundations, crawlspaces, and the like.

Downspout Pipes

A simple solution to some drainage problems in the yard is simply to affix corrugated plastic tubing to the end of your downspout, directing water underground to a catch basin or to a rain garden, dry well, or other collection/absorption point.

Catch Basin

A catch basin serves as a drain that can contain water during heavy rainfall or runoff events. It’s typically used to collect stormwater from a property or street and move it to an underground, residential sewer system.

Grassy Swale

One ready-made surface drainage solution is the swale, designed to intercept runoff and promote controlled seepage into the soil. Planted with moisture-loving grasses, sedges, and other vegetation, swales can be lovely additions to your Charlotte property.

Rain Garden

Plant water-tolerant plants such as shrubs, sedges, grasses, and forbs in low-lying areas of your property, the margins of impervious hardscaping, or any other spots prone to pooling. These rain gardens add to your yard’s visual appeal while collecting and sponging up water.

Seasonal Advice

Seasonal Drainage Tips

At MetroGreenscape, we’re proud to be your year-round drainage contractors in Charlotte, NC. As a part of your landscaping or hardscaping project, we’re also there to maintain existing drainage structures, evaluate the prevalence and causes of poor drainage, and install our effective drainage solutions. Here are a few services we offer for managing drainage and maintaining structures throughout the seasons.


After rough winter storms, spring is the time to assess existing drainage features for any damage. In anticipation of wetter months, it’s also ideal for adding French drains, or catch basins. Keep tabs on your yard for ponding, lingering damp, and other drainage problems from spring rains.


Another good season for installing drainage-control structures such as French drains and underground piping. Assess any drainage problems from heavy summer rainfall such as thunderstorm precipitation.


Clear gutters and downspouts of any leaves, twigs, and other clogging debris. Fall’s also prime time for planting rain gardens, excavating swales, or digging out drainage trenches or wells before winter’s arrival.


Monitor property for ponding, pooling, and runoff issues from winter rains or snowmelt. Inspect drainage structures for damage from flowage and ice and make repairs if necessary.

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Lawn Drainage Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a drainage system cost?

The average homeowner will spend upwards of $5,000-$10,000 on a proper drainage system, depending on many factors including the type of system, the size of the yard, and the specific drainage needs. While drainage systems may seem expensive, flooding can cause far greater costly damage to both your home and your landscape.

What is a drainage installation?

In order to remove excess water in your yard, a drain system is installed using a trench that slopes away from your yard, ending in a two-foot drop in elevations. This allows water to move from one place to another. At the end of the slope is usually a catch basin which either collects debris or slows water flow before it joins a pond or ditch.

How long does it take to install a yard drainage system?

Installing a drainage system can take anywhere from one to four days, depending on the size of the yard, the specific drainage needs, and the type of drainage system that’s installed. Before work can begin, it may take the landscaper a few days to evaluate your yard and come up with a drainage plan.