As summer winds down, and temperatures begin to cool off, we know Fall is in the air. Back to school routines, busy schedules and changes to the landscapes are all around us, and many families struggle to find the time for lawn care. However, it’s imperative to keep up with lawn and garden maintenance. There are several things to consider at this time of year when it comes to keeping your lawn in good shape.

Remove fallen leaves right away.  As the leaves start falling, it’s time to break out the rake. Keeping up with the leaves is important.  If they pile up too much, the moisture and mildew beneath them can have a damaging effect on your grass. Take time to rake and collect weekly, and it will be easier to keep the lawn clear.

Continue mowing. Continue to mow the lawn. By the end of the season, you should be using the lowest blade setting to get the grass short  This will allow it to be able to absorb the moisture and nutrients it needs to survive winter.

Seed bare spots. The Fall is an excellent time to add grass seed and fill in bare spots. Remove any debris, loosen the soil, and add seed and fertilizer. Make sure to keep it well watered during the coming weeks. This will allow you to have a lush lawn once spring arrives.

Redesign your landscape. Fall is the best time of year to redesign your view with a makeover and get everything planted into the ground before it freezes. Plan for changes that you were unable to achieve this year.

Plant Spring bulbs. Bulbs will need to be planted in the next few months. That way, once winter passes, your landscape will come to life in bursts of colors and flowers.

Create Fall displays. There are so many choices to enhance your landscape through the colder months to come. Mums, pansies, perennials and ornamental grasses are all popular choices. Combined with Fall displays of pumpkins, gourds, hay, apple baskets, crates and corn, they are a festive and impressive way to dress up your landscape this season.

Install Outdoor Living Areas. Create the right combination to keep your landscape looking beautiful into the Fall. From customized outdoor living areas to garden enhancement services, we provide landscape packages to fit every budget, style and property needs.

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