Making a Pool The Focal Point of Your Landscape

Having a pool in your backyard is like having a giant magnet in your yard that draws in family and friends, which is one of the reasons many people choose to install one. Pools Encourage Socializing In this age of electronic gadgets, too many of us communicate online at the expense of face-to-face relationships, and …

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Easy Planting Ideas

An Easy Planting Idea with Sage & Ornamental Grasses This desirable and long lasting summer border is fairly easy to replicate in order to be enjoyed at home. Gloriously teaming up with the vertical purple-blue spikes of Salvia farinacea (Mealy-Cup Sage) are the long arching plumes of Pennisetum setaceum (Purple Fountain Grass) which sway gracefully …

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Rehab To Do’s

1. Did you know that you can install a root barrier on large trees and save the expense of taking it down in some cases? Other things to know: Always check with a Licensed Arborist before doing this. How deep does a root barrier need to be? Root barriers need to be installed to a …

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Financing Options
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